JUSTICE ALLEY~Dealing with Gamer Conflicts, Bullies and Cyber Crime

Dealing with Bullies and Cyber Crime


Special MAFIA WARS Advisory

The following account is spreading false rumors of pedophile activity and, actively seeking to hack accounts. He may or may not   be playing MW and, this is NOT a call to attack him or berate the account in any way. This is an advisory so you will not mistakenly react against his declared victim (Jamie Hunter) or, on  any other fake advisories coming from this account or, any of his other known fake ones.

The Daily Post will send this in to FB support and security to see what they do And, we’ll also forward this to the proper authorities in the US and his country of origin’s cyber crime task force (yes, there is one in Bulgaria too).


Fake alert :

“Pat Fahey
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=694392749 please report this account ..words out hes a kiddy fiddler .& needs to be shut down …thank you for your help.

Pat Fahey’s other known dummy accounts:

Pat Fahey



Also, please distrust but, do not attack without provocation the latest of the accounts he continues to hi jack to attack others:

Boze Wolf Level 1321 Fearless AKA “JЦDGΣMΣПƬ ※℘ℎ” level 1323 Fearless

In Fahey’s own words:

” posted toТнє ∂єνιlѕ ρlαуgяσυρ Only group members can see this post
Posted in another group im in….
Pat Fahey
Ryan …im totaly done with MW, but i would still like to keep intouch with you ….ive decided to delete all accounts except this one …but i have blocked the game .

this may sound sad …but ive opened a phishing website …which is aimed at takeing folks accounts from them …..i feel i have a some pay back to do on certain people ..i do not intend to use there accounts…just totaly deactivate them once ive gained control….you may not agree with my actions …but i have to do this .



Please follow the links to the full message threads that document the issue:

Back ground emails n Pat Fahey account and some of his victims



Cumulative Page

From the Editor:

We welcome U.C. of Mafia Wars  to our page with their permanent section. As always we urge you to use common sense, be cautious and have a safe surfing experience…

Please remember also that this is a cumulative section and that we just add stories until Saturday. Then we wipe the slate!!!


U.C. of Mafia Wars ~ Hosting Family {TUT}

Mission Statement

The United Clans of Mafia Wars or also known as United Nations of Mafia Wars Clans, is a group of dedicated Mafia Wars Players who are the General Assembly. Comprised of God Parents to War Commanders to skilled Mediators, mixed with Ambassadors (Language Specialists). Who come together for the common good of a resolution between two specific clans/families that came to us for assistance so that they can go back to regular game playing. All Clans of the GA (General Assembly) are from various backgrounds with skills to bring a strong sense of integrity and transparency to all joint actions or resolutions. Our greoup is not in any way affiliated to Zynga nor the Player Advisory Committee and, concerns itself only with the relationship and communication between Clans and player groups in Mafia Wars. To find out more, please visit our page at


As we continue to evolve we ask that you feel free to suggest any ideas you may have to better communicate and resolve issues between groups. Also, let us know what other kinds of mediations between individuals we should specifically look into.

Honor & Respect to One and All



No,no, these people are not hot for you babe!!!

Huge Sandra

How you doing today? I am surfing through your profile and i found you cool and fascinating.. I will like to know more about you, you can write me back to my personal email (huge.sandra@yahoo.com).. Hope to hear from you soon..Sandra

Jhon Rose

Hello dear my name is marry and i presume things are going on well with you…….well i guess you must have so many messages from ladies …..lol.i saw your profile,its cool and you sure seem an honest and decent man to mingle and tingle with cos a nice and honest lady deserves the best in his man….someone that would rock her world with joy and happiness and cater for her despite all odds.I am really a sincere and honest person.am caring,kind,friendly very easy to get along with and if you doint mind you can get back to me on marry_powel@yahoo.com


Other Scams

Phishing Scam 
Boy commits suicide when he finds out his girlfriend is a stripper
Article: http://tinyurl.com/24323fsd22
 Clickjacking is a malicious technique of tricking Web users into revealing confidential information or taking control of their computer while clicking on seemingly innocuous web pages A vulnerability across a variety of browsers and platforms, a clickjacking takes the form of embedded code or script that can execute without the user’s knowledge, such as clicking on a button that appears to perform another function.[5]The term “clickjacking” was coined by Jeremiah Grossman and Robert Hansen in 2008. The exploit is also known as UI redressing.Clickjacking can be understood as an instance of the confused deputy problem.[6
 If you want a complete look at the emergecies around the world at this very moment:





BULLIES: The Spearhead Of Cyber Crime

For the latest on bully related news items, bully reports and  contacts to organizations or individuals  who may be able to do something about it. You may also post your stories and issues on Cyber bullying and other internet Crime at : The Daily Post Section I -Justice Alley


Our new centralized page is at :


Please bear with us as we add more pages and applications to it! 🙂

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