The “New” Daily Post, September 2012


Well hello again Mafiosi everywhere. The Daily Post has been undergoing a whole number of changes in the past few months and, because of how many other bogs and businesses we get to be involved in, it has been sorely neglected. Until now…!

We have chosen a new batch of administrators for our sites and, we are in the process of dividing ourselves between those of TDP memebrs who want to continue  enjoying the relative peace and quiet of MW the TDP way(mostly taking advantage of the new information posted and the collaboration between members to help you grow. TDP also embraces other games and players and, will cover those news in the measure that you demand it.

For the others of us who still enjoy MW best above all and, have gotten a little fat around the edges (within the metaphor of the  game of course), we have created The War Room. In this group location we will issue red and tags, battle avatars for peace/war etc etc. No re-tagging is required but, if you tdo have other tags, please make sure that you have the approval of your group or clan before participating in an open conflict. Though we expect that most of our activities will be centered on mock wars, we will train for guerrilla war gaming and when appropriate, aid allies and friends in their “lawful good” quest and ,or conflicts.

We just had our first all out war which lasted about three weeks from start to finish (it was actually two wars  as the was one cease fire that degenerated onto a secondary war). During the first part of the conflict we began creating the war room (we sent out event invitations a week before the room was created to all our room/pages) response was encouraging as about a hundred of our members joined the room. However, they did join an ongoing war with little or no training in group fighting so in the end only about a dozen and a half of our friends and members joined in. Luckily for us we had some pretty tough and ethical players in that bunch  and, it didn’t hurt that they brought their own guys into the fray!

It was savage and exhausting for all side but, in the end, we all won. The game was played honorably and even with all the misunderstandings that usually go hand in hand with MW, great leadership and the deep honorable and respectful core that is within the great majority of MW players shone right through. Below is what we posted on The War page after the conflict:

“Thank you all once again for your outstanding performance on our first conflict. In the end and thanks to the dedicated labor and strong sense of leadership exemplified by Michelle Bleasner and the stern determination of Aaron Carpenter the Gm and GF of The Irish Mafia the war was not only a good smack down but, Michelle made sure that after the fighting was plenty, each and every one got to shake hands and even make friends.

As it turned out, even the two fiercest enemies among the dozens fighting ended up “friending” each other in one of the finest examples of good sportsmanship I have seen in a long time. All and all this was a rich learning experience and, has opened the door for future alliance with a bunch of really decent people who happen to be ferocious players.

We all get wrapped up in the manner in which the game is played but, it is wonderful when people get to remember that we are just playing a game. we were very lucky to have had amazing allies and, opponents that are so willing to give so much of themselves to make this a better game.

Particular Kudos to Dragons Shadow GM and one of our top admins, Debbie Clepper. She had some rough personal moments that she plowed right through to support her crew. She had to make a really hard decision that in the end, proved to be the wisest. And, though it pained her to do it, she sacrificed her sensibilities for the good of her group. Hats off to a great GM and fellow player.

There were many, many people worthy of mention from Jim to Darrin to Horst, Ian and Scott. I apologize for not mentioning everyone but, you know who you are and you know you have a home and a friend with us for as long as you want it.

That is why I love this game. There is a lot of really good stuff once we get past the pesky icing and the usual trash talk that can make the game boht fun and, really irritating to play. Throw in a couple of Zynga glitches and FB browser conflicts and, well…, we have all been there…! LOL 🙂

Moving on, our other pages still have the name of The Daily Post. As we advance with this one, I will ask all who still want to remain in the Post’s information pages transfer to the original group page 1 and the other most populated pages leaving only three for the Post. We will take the others under the direction of our admins and build each for a specific use that the admins will discuss and determine through next week.

I am strongly considering continuing to publish some version of the Post but, most importantly, to work on the alliances this last conflict opened up. As soon as I have a chance during the day, I will open a thread for the admins to communicate so we can move on to the next step…

Honor and Respect to all of you…
Your Friend,


Now for the reason you keep up with us…


A Scott Welliver creation / production

When times get tough, so do people. Animals do too. But those who think to include others’ welfare end up having all they need and more. Check out this old Japanese fable (at least that’s as far back as we could trace it) updated League of Paws style. Scrappisode XXII is called: Fetchstick Loaf at our host, Podcast Machine.


Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer Patterson
Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large


Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past few years.

Iceboard Rewards: Don’t Be Confused

Many players are upset because they were #1 on their Mafia Iceboard but didn’t get any loot rewards. The reason is simple….there were no loot rewards for the Iceboard that just expired. Reward will be offered for the current Iceboard which will end in 7 days. The Official Mafia Wars Blog explains this rather nicely. Go here for more details.


When we started the Mafia Wars Iceboard last week, many players suggested that we reward top ranking players.
We thought it was a great idea!  From this week onwards, the top three ranks globally and the first rank in your Mafia will receive the following prizes. The winners will receive their rewards on Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012. Please note: These rewards are applicable for the current Iceboard season that started on Sept 4, 2012.

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How To Be #1 On Your Mafia Iceboard

Everybody wants to be #1 on their Mafia Iceboard. You know the saying…#2 is not a winner and 3 nobody remembers. If you can’t do a lot of ices, don’t worry. There is a way to be #1 without having to do a unrealistic number of ices. To get your loot reward for being #1, just read the instructions below and perform the steps towards the end of this Iceboard Season.


Iceboard Season 1 Final Results

The Top 10 players for the Global Iceboard and final results are shown below. That’s a lot of ices! haters will be happy to know that nobody got a prize this time around because the feature was not rolled out to players at the same time. I had a chance to chat with Jason and found out some interesting information….

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Iceboard Season 2: Rewards Added

The first session of the Iceboard has ended and was immediately reset at 12am Zynga Time (Pacific). There were no rewards for the last Iceboard but the next one has them. They are the Gun Glove and the Golden Crest which we told you about 10 days ago [1]. Zynga most likely didn’t offer rewards for the last Iceboard because all players didn’t start at the same time and it wouldn’t have been fair (because everything else is!). Keep reading to see what the point is of this feature is and stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Jason, the Iceboard Season 1 winner.
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The Top 10 Icers

Most of us mere mortals only see the top 3 icers on our Global Iceboard. I just learned from Jason who is in the Target Mafia Family and currently holds the number 1 spot that he gets to see the Top 10 icers. He was kind enough to take the following screen shot and will provide an updated one at the end of the event. Without further ado, here are the current Top 10 of the Global Iceboard!

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Daily Link Time Change

For the past two years, we have been posting daily links for a free point provided by Mafia Wars. It’s been a smooth process as links for these points have been activated at 12am Pacific Time (aka Zynga Time) everyday. As you can see, many players check the page on this blog as it is updated daily at the same time (unlike the Mafia Wars Fan Page).
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Next Limited Time Mission: Oversoul Winds

The next Limited Time Mission banner image is in the servers. It’s called Oversoul Winds and will be hosted by Tim Lee. The Grand Prize is a vehicle that has stats of 209/138. Oversoul Winds will be the 42nd Limited Time Mission.

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Last Day For Current Iceboard

 Today is the last day for the Iceboard which supposedly ranks you, your mafia members and all other Mafia Wars players by the number of ices you got during the week. Not all players got the feature at the same time so it’s rather pointless and means nothing at this time. Perhaps when it resets, the second showing will be better executed and we will learn a purpose for the feature.
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Tender Hooks Added Back to the Free Gift Page

Yesterday we reported that Tender Hooks mysteriously disappeared from the Free Gift Page [1]. Today they have returned.

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Rewards Card Punch Deal Returns

The Rewards Card punch incentive has returned and will be around for a total of 7 days. Last time it was available, I noticed that I didn’t get many 40% off reward point offers.To learn how this “feature” works, go here.


Limited Edition Item: Kung Fu

There is a new Limited Edition item available in the Marketplace.. The Kung Fu has stats of 197/124, costs 35 reward points and has no featured module. Find it under the Limited Edition Tab in the Marketplace.

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VIP Delivery Item: Sniffer

 The VIP special item of the week is the Sniffer. Zynga may have tell you that you received 50 reward points with this item but go check your balance….I’ll wait….You didn’t!

The Big VIP Shaft

 In preparation for tomorrows big shaft, Zynga is giving their precious VIP subscribers a popup notification so they won’t be blindsided. The normal delivery of 50 reward points will not happen for VIP subscribers because it already has due to a technical error that was in no way the fault of their subscribers. The popup up will direct you to the Official Mafia Wars Blog where you can learn more. I believe the special VIP loot item for this week is Lubrication and has stats of 0/0!
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The Stranger’s Swag: Millionaire

 UPDATE: We told you to be fast and we weren’t joking around. Zynga pulled this item at 12am. If you weren’t able to request the items from your mafia, you can still get 2 by clicking on news feed requests.

The sporadic Stranger’s Swag of the moment is the Millionaire. He has stats of 156/92 and is the 4th item to be released from the 7th generation of Stranger’s Swag. You better be quick because Zynga is known to pull these items just as quickly as they release them.



Henceforth, your daily free skill point link that we post on our Mafia Wars Facebook fan page will be available 6:00 AM PST onwards.

Visit our fan page.


For some VIP Members, the Weekly Reward of 50 RPs due on Monday, Sept 3rd 2012 has already been granted on Thursday, Aug 30th 2012.

These VIP Members will only receive another exclusive limited edition VIP loot item Sniffer( 197/122) on Monday, September 3rd 2012.To view the item awarded, please click on the VIP link on the marketplace and then click on View Bundles.
User-added image

User-added image

Please enter your UID in this form  if you are an active VIP member and you have not received 50 RP either on Thursday, Aug 30th 2012 or on Monday, Sept 3rd 2012.

Next delivery of 50 RPs along with another exclusive limited edition loot item for VIP members will happen on Monday, Sept 10th 2012


New VIP loot drops for September are now available!
Chisel Plough




Cut-Proof Suit


(146/98)  MW_item_Platypus_400Platypus

(98/144)  Mw_item_retrobus_400Retro Bus


Read more about the benefits of being a VIP member.

Enjoy exclusive benefits by subscribing to the VIP Membership Plan today!
-The Mafia Wars Team


Iceboard is now available to all our players!

We released this feature gradually to all our players in order to maintain the system stability.

We appreciate your patience while the feature was incrementally rolled out and welcome your continued feedback via the below survey.

Survey Link =>

Please note that Iceboard will next reset on Tuesday, Sept 4th 2012


We are giving you the power to do some real damage!

Last month, as an experiment, we had increased the power attacks to 15 attacks per click and all of you had loved it. Based on the positive feedback from the players, we are making this a permanent feature in the game.

 Ice your enemies now!

– The Mafia Wars Team



The Daily Post 2nd issue of May

Hi Gang!

Today we have some more changes for you. Due to the massive workload we have on our growing stable of newsletters, we have decided to  shorten our inclusions of information you can best find at their original source.

For the forseeable future we will concentrate of specific items and , only highlight  information either submitted to us directly. Other than that , we will strive to be more detailed on instructional issues such as how to best handle the new time line. In fact, time is so tight that we will have to leave the next episode of our  fictional series ( “Trisket, Trasket ,…your Mafia’s heads all in a basket…”) til’ next issue.

By the way, given all the news about Facebook’s recent IPO we have included an image that may help clarify who the players are and, what interests are at play.



Well, here is tried and tired (not a typo!) topic that every once in a while bubbles up again like the proverbial “pop” of gases escaping quicksand, ..the automated player script A.K.A. the “bookmarklet” or, as most player refer to it, the “bot”.

The once secret knowledge of the existence and use of these playing aids or cheats, depending on which side of the moral fence you are), has now permeated practically all aspects of Mafia Wars gaming.  They very clearly not acceptable to the Zynga /Fb  T.O.S. (terms Of Service) side of the equation but, in the very particular case of  Mafia Wars they have become a part of the culture.

In most cases the bots are presumably used to continue advancing through the game without directly suffering the indignity of constant icings. The more popular ones allow you great degree of control over how you spend your stamina and, even offer the ability to keep oneself  “iced”, “under” or, as it was originally known “hiding in the hospital”. Since there is no “off” button for MW accounts, if you are “up” you are a target. This is particularly true of any player over level 400 and, is known as the “Shark Tank”. As you jump into the pool of players, every one can now see you. Players thousands of levels above you and very  hungry for some fresh meat will come from every direction to gnaw at your bones. And…, most of the are using bots.

The lines are drawn when the bots are abused by setting them to continually attack a player or set of player with no purpose other than to bring them into submission or, as it was briefly popular a while back, demand payment of some sort to stop. But, as these bots have become much more popular and better known by the “newbies” the defensive application has also made it much more difficult to overwhelm a savvy player by simply attacking.  Even robbing can be effectively minimized or, even stopped altogether.

Numbers are not effective anymore either  against determined players with the necessary basic understanding of the game technical dynamics. Being aware that the game is sensitive to the speed of your actions and, that the support services have come to be much more responsive to user complaints goes a long way to the longevity of bot using players. The other practical uses of some of these scripts that allow for gift collecting and responding in automated batches. Some even go as far as complete auto play in a particular case. However, by all measure full auto play has to be almost absolutely joyless for a real player.

Though some players will still take great offense when bot user tags are pinned on them, the fact is that the majority So, make sure you educate yourself on the most popular ones. Whether you decide to use them or not, that is your choice. But, at least you will be able to recognize them in action.y of daily player are probably using a script of one kind or another. Personally, I must confess that “farm accounts”  (accounts created under false names to specifically gather more loot and transferable goodies, serve as scouts or even built to act as bodyguards) are much more in violation as, they specifically cross one a line that is one of the most reliable ways, creating a fake FB personal account

By the way, as you may read in the official Mafia Wars blog (also mentioned  in this issue), MW is promising your faster clicks and a much more responsive game which hopefully will result in a whole lot of less Mafia Wars violation screen saying that you have been suspended (though most likely you have not).

The most popular blogs cover the bots in detail so, we will not but, we will continue to comment from time to time. particularly when the topic comes up which as we said earlier, it regularly does. 🙂

Spockholm, mafiawars addon, MWAPP are good place to start your “googling” for where and how to check them out.



Zynga’s stock halted after morning plummet

• May 18th, 2012

Update: Zynga’s stock began trading again at 1:30 p.m. EST. At the time of writ

ing, shares are trading for $7.21.

Update No. 2: Zynga finished the day trading at $7.16, though shares dipped as low as $6.93 late in the afternoon. This is Zynga’s lowest closing price yet.

Social game developer Zynga’s shares tumbled to an all-time low this morning before trading was temporarily halted twice.

Zynga’s share prices had seen a multi-week decline after the company’s April 26 earnings report revealed record bookings but an $85.4 million net loss. Zynga shares hit an all-time low on Friday, May 11 when they fell to $7.45 each. The company’s stock had been making up ground, but uncertainty surrounding Facebook’s IPO appears to have caused shares to fall again.

Zynga’s stock opened today at $8.50, quickly dropping under this price but was staying above the $8 mark for two hours. However, without much warning the company’s shares fell to from $8.10 to $7.17 in a span of seven minutes. Shortly afterwards trading was halted for nearly an hour. When trading resumed, Zynga shares were up to $7.80, but they were almost immediately halted again.

It was expected that Zynga’s stock would receive a huge boost from Facebook’s much-hyped IPO today, but it clearly hasn’t been the case this morning. At the time of writing, Facebook’s stock price was trading at $41.32 a share, which might not have been as much of a pop as some anticipated. Zynga’s slumping stock could reflect investor disappointment. Investors clearly still believe Zynga’s fate is tied to Facebook, despite the developer’s attempts to expand outside of the social network with its platform and an aggressive move into mobile games.



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A Free Tutorial on the New Timeline

Learn About Facebook Pages

This interactive course will help you use Facebook Pages to tell your story, express your identity, and connect with your audience.

This course is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

To launch the course, make sure any pop-up blockers are disabled. When you click the button, the course will open in a new window.

Ver en español • Lire en français • Auf Deutsch aufrufen •Visualizza in italiano • 日本語で見る


Paybacks, penalties, subtractions, additions, vacations, captivities, old enemies… they’re all here in Da Scrappy Chihuahua Video Comic #3!
PROMOTED! No longer a commissioner, the one who calls out to The League of Paws for help, GENERAL Lara. Every step you take …every breath you take …General Lara will be watching YOU!

Every step you take …every breath you take …GeneralLara will be watching YOU!

Scrappisode XVII: Rise of the Seadog brings us all superheroes available working together to save an innocent bystander from an evil plot! And in the process, a NEW superhero is spawned. Check out, enjoy and share Da Scrappy Chihuahua Podcast!


Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer Patterson


  • Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years

Yesterday there were several “Special Event” items added to the inventory [1]. We now know that the Chauffeur is a gift from Mafia Wars and you can now search for and claim it [1]. Another item on this list is the Sixer. It has stats of 98/167 . Leonard Wong found a server image which tells us that is will also be a gift from Mafia Wars. This item is not yet available but here is a sneak peek at the popup.

For the res of this story please see:

For the latest posts from Jennifer Patterson AKA The Mafia Wars Loot Lady

please like her page at:




Mafia Wars VIP Membership & New VIP Loot Drops

Renewal of VIP Membership Program & New VIP Loot Drops

If you are one of the many Mafia Wars Players that opted to get the VIP Membership, then this is good news for you! You will be able to renew your VIP Membership Program. All new exclusive VIP loot drops from jobs and fights! These items are ALREADY dropping!

If you Cancelled (like many did) when you maxed out on last months VIP loot, Zynga makes you wait until your full month is up (you will see a countdown timer) before you can purchase VIP membership status again. However, if you did not cancel I have been told that you received a special loot item and an additional 12 RP’s.


This and much , much more good information can be found directly at the officcial mafia wars blog. We included this portion here just for expediency . However, this is going to be the exception to the rule. We strongly suggest you visit  to get some of the best and most reliable news on Zynga improvements for the game. Just a note however, the PAC references are unverified. You should keep in mind that though they may very well be accurate,the piece is written by the company they serve best. And, the history of the original sampling group is not so shiny. For the record, we have picked up no chatter on any direct usefulness to individuals within the community. Then again given the reported limited duration of PAC membership and, the implied constant  rotation, it is quite possible that we just  don’t linger in the same circles. So, here is hoping and best wishes to anyone or anything that works to improve our game experience. 

You are Rewarded with a Chauffeur!


Get driven in London by a Chauffeur (104/168) like a true mafia boss.

If you have not already added this item to your inventory, you can locate and add it by following the instructions provided below.

1.  Visit your Home tab on Facebook

2.  Locate and click the Apps and Games tab
User-added image

3.  Scroll down and locate the announcement from Mafia Wars about the Chauffeur and click ‘Accept’.

User-added image

4.  After you have clicked the accept button you will be taken back to the game and will receive the following pop-up:

User-added image

5.  To verify that the item has been added to your inventory, please click the Inventory tab:
User-added image

6.  Next you will need to click the Filter button:
User-added image

7.  Type ‘Chauffeur’ into the search field and click ‘Go’:

User-added image

8.  The following window will show that 1 Chauffeur has been added to your inventory.

User-added image

Play Mafia Wars  and be driven to make it to the top!

-The Mafia Wars Team


Facebook IPO Stats at a Glance

facebook s 1 ipo Facebook IPO is Coming [INFOGRAPHIC]

THE DAILY POST week of April 20th – 27, 2012


An experiment in Mafia Fiction

A Trisket , a trasket, your mafia’s heads all in one basket!!!

Episode 1

The car came to a complete stop just long enough to let Louie out to open the warehouse doors . Louie was big strapping mama’s boy from Jersey but, he was making his bones with our crew. Not very smart but, real useful in a scrap.

As Louie swung open the doors, I drove it around so that if we needed to move out quick we could just drive it straight out.  Once ther doors were closed again, I popped open the trunk and grabbed the bag where the rest of our instructions were supposed to be.

That was the part that always made me a little nervous and, the reason I always wanted to be the one reading the note first. For all I knew, one of these days whose instructions could include one last entry,… just for me. But, not tonight, not ever again.

By the time Louie had managed to get around to the back of the car I had already read the instructions. We were supposed to wait. Just sit tight for a while in case we were needed. If all went well, someone would be around with another car in about an hour to drop it off and take the one we drove in.

Not really a two man job if you ask me but, then again who would ask me. I was low man on this totem pole. Well almost, Louie was a little further down because he was not very bright and, tended to run his mouth a bit. Funny how long that had been tolerated.

At any rate, this was my last job. I had already got my blessing from my Capo. Little Joey Laperno, there was a good boss if I ever had one. That was the one thing I would miss from this line of employment. Working for Joey had been real fun. They guy was tough and cold but, he knew how to make his people feel valuable. Yeah, I would miss Joey. after almost fifteen years of dedicated service.

It took fifteen years to finally find a lady worth retirement. And, about three minutes for me too know she was the one. Little Joey’s cousin Gina had arrived a few weeks ago  from the old country and, it had been up tome to take her around. She was still learning the language so, I ended up going everywhere with her and, slowly something began happening to both of us. We started talking like friend, good friends and, we laughed a lot. It was good to  laugh with her.

Once we both realized how in love we were I went to Joey. And, a bit to my surprise he gave his blessing and handed me my last job. An easy score so I could retire with a little bonus. What a guy, I was sure gonna miss him.

Louie startled me out of my thoughts with a dry snore so, I stood up and kicked him on the shins. Once he was done cussing he sat up  and,we both heard a car drive up to the doors and stop. Louie went to open the door and I got in the other car to drive it out while the other guy drive his in. As soon as Louie had the doors open we both drove forward with our light off. There was a big moon out so, it was rather easy to drive.

I put the car in park and began walking back in as Louie moved  around to the back of the car that had just drove in. Just then I realized I had left my lucky rabbit’s foot on the key chain and, reached down to get it. as I started towards the open warehous again I could not see or hear Louie or the other driver. In fact, the whole place was really quiet.

All I saw next was a flash somewhere off to my right and, then felt a smack on my face like someone had taken a steel bat to it. As my body turned violently twisting the rest of my body with it, I realized I had been shot in the face.

Half blind with pain and blood I scrambled as best I could toward the other car as I frantically reached for my throwaway piece. Normally I would not have been carrying for something like this but, whenever I worked with Louie I felt it was better to be prepared. Another smack on my left shoulder sent me rolling on the floor again but, it also disguised my grabbing the throwaway from my ankle holster. As I rolled over i could see the son of a bitch marching straight at me with his arms extended into a silver pistol in each of them. At the same moment I noticed his face had no features.

That fraction of a second delay was enough for him to get close enough for a kill shot. He looked straight at my for a brief instant and pulled the trigger as I just stared at that featureless face. Everything slowed down to a crawl. I could almost see the swing of the hammer as it hit the pin,…but nothing happened. The gun misfired. He began to raise his other weapon but, somehow I had managed to point my throwaway and, squeeze the trigger without even realizing it.

All of a sudden there I could make out a feature on that blank face. One small red dot roughly on the center of his forehead. He dropped both weapons and slowly fell to his knees and then to the ground where lay crumpled like a marionette whose strings have just been cut. My face was a mess but apparently the bullet had passed from side to side almost cleanly. I was in a heck of a lot of pain but, I could survive this. I patched my shoulder as bast I could and used my shirt to hold my face.

Whatever had just happened here, I had to clean up get get away as as fast as I could somewhere I could get help before loosing enough blood to pass out.

The guy in what turned out to be  mask was not very heavy so I put him in the trunk of the car rather easily. Louie was slumped behind the other car with a bullet through his brain. Just one look and I knew he was just too heavy to get in the other car. There was only one other solution, I had seen some gas cans earlier against one of the walls.

As it turned out there was about a half a gallon in one of them. More than enough to start a little cleansing fire. But , just as I was ready to light the place up I had an idea. why not let whoever was responsible for this think that the plan had worked?. I took out my wallet and removed the thick of the cash but, left a few bills. The other guy had no id and nothing on him except a strange ring  and a cell phone so, I dressed him up in my clothes and jewelry  and, took his cellphone and ring.

Then I lit up the place, got in the other car and sped away as the glow of the fire began to grow on the rear view mirror. I needed to find a place to hide and heal. I needed a doctor and, I needed to figure out what had happened before I contacted Joey or Gina. Could they be in danger too? Was this a hit on the whole crew ? My mind was swimming between those question and, my loss of blood. I started to examine my options and drove intothe night to find a place to lick my wounds and get some rest before deciding what to do next…



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this (Scrappy) weekend!


Not only are we cutting loose a new audio podcast but simultaneously we’re letting our 2ND video comic run amuck! Here is Scrappisode XVI: A Family Dogfather, where Scrappy makes a decision with life-changing consequences.

And finally!… Da Scrappy Chihuahua Video Comic Issue #2! “Beanies, Bombs & Birds Begone! Scrappy begins “business” in Italy, Sasha & Clementine forcibly obtain intel & Wonder Weenie burrows into action. Enjoy!


Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer Patterson
Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large


  • Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.

    • Leonard Wong found the next banner for Collectable Stat Cards in the Zynga servers. We don’t know when they will be released but most likely it will be soon. Read more »

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • The Collector’s Edition item for the day is the Proboscis Monkey. When we go the last item on Tuesday, it appeared they were going back to the Tuesday/Friday schedule. This blows that theory out of the water. Maybe it’s a Tuesday/Thursday schedule now. Whatever they decide, it’s only fair to their loyal collector’s to post a schedule so nobody misses out. Read more »

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • A boatload of items were added to the inventory early this morning. There are a total of 96 items. 11 are labeled “Special Event” and 10 of them are probably the next Lucky Stash items. 5 items are labeled “Gifting” and will most likely be another batch of Stranger’s Swag items….

      Source: MW Loot Lady

THE DAILY POST week of April1st-7th 2012

Hello  mafiosi, here is your latest installment of The Daily Post!

As you may have already noticed these past few weeks many of you have been getting MW warnings on your excessive levels of activity. Well, for the most part you haven’t done something terribly wrong. It is just the old bandwidth ghost coming back to haunt us. Zynga servers can not process more than one request every 3 seconds and, when you get into a “fight” emotions tend to fuel your “supper click ” mode. Mouse clicking them becomes more like 3 clicks per second  (as opposed to the 3 seconds per click Zynga needs). If you remember this and slow down a little bit, you should have nothing to worry about.

In fact, the same reason is behind Zynga’s MW latest attempt to disable the “unframe” function. This is an effort to curb the abuse of bots and scripts. Of course there are all sorts of workarounds but, they are not really unframed options, just the look of it.  It is easy to tell since only those scripts that work while “framed” will work for now. Others (like Checklist Beta) won’t work (yet).

Be patient, there are many people working on some sort of resolution to this issue and, we should get back to a stable platform soon enough. For now, take a good look at the Loot lady’s pointers and, enjoy the game as best you can.


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  • Jennifer Patterson

    Jennifer Patterson
    Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large

      Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.

      When Zynga intentionally broke unframing, they did more damage to many useful analytical scripts then to the ones they are trying to stop. Two scripts that come to mind are the Mafia Wars Helper by Tomi Crnicki and Experience/Energy 3.0 by Joyka. The easiest way to get around the unframing block is to use the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar….

      Source: MW Loot Lady

      • Yesterday the Sniper positions mysteriously disappeared from the Crew slots and players reported that the Bandits were MIA [1]. Today they have returned. Read more »

        Source: MW Loot Lady
      • Mark Allan was doing some server snooping and came across a few loot items. The ones that peaked my interest contain the VIP icon. Another clue is provided because there is no large image for the Roadrunner. Items that only have small images in the servers are usually collection items or for property items in Brazil, Chicago and London. This could possibly mean there will be a VIP membership collection. Read more »

        Source: MW Loot Lady
      • Josh from the [MIG] Family sent me instructions for a glitch involving the Luck of the Irish loot item from the Sláinte Gift Mastery Event. I wasn’t going to post it because so many get angry whenever I do, but this one is harmless. After Chuck Maltry Jr. posted his property image on our fan page, I decided to make the post….

        Source: MW Loot Lady
      • Mark Allan was doing some server snooping and came across a few loot items. The ones that peaked my interest were the ones with the VIP icon. Another clue is provided by the fact that there is no large image for the Roadrunner. Items that don’t have a large image in the servers are usually collection items or for property items in Brazil, Chicago and London….

        Source: MW Loot Lady
      • On February 7th, 30 new war loot items were added to the inventory. If you do the math, the most items any one account could have at this point would be 1,044. I’ve been sent quite a few player profiles that exceed this number of loot items and something fishy is going on….

        Source: MW Loot Lady
      • The bonus links for the day are below. The Mafia Wars Fan Blast point is good for the entire day. The Email Bonus and 3 Free Spins can be used once every 24 hours. The Toolbar bonus link will work once every 8 hours if you have allowed the Zynga Game Bar application access to your account information….

        Source: MW Loot Lady
        Published: 2012-04-03 07:00:10 GMT


Games Blog Newsletter

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Social game ratings come back as Facebook seeks more paying players
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The Daily Post – MW Journal for March 19th-26th 2012

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Gambling, Gaming?



Well guys Mafia Wars continues to evolve into what appears to be a  quest for more way to get you to spend those RP’s as fast as you can. I am sure many of you have already figured out how much each tier will now cost you in items you must produce extensively or, buy. And, of course you already know how expensive it is to fight in most cities. Still, so as long as MW continues to offer you a way to get trough the game with

out spending your money stash in reward points to keep up with their pace, you still have a chance to keep most of your money (LOL).

Players who use scripts (nobody is judging we aim to inform on ALL topics our community discusses) have to be particularly careful of certain benign but repeating scripts. For example, the great Spock time saver and robbery insurance “Property Collector”, will periodically (every eight hours is the MW re-set default) collect from Chicago and if your distillery is up, you will have a sudden jump in health.  if you are not yet savvy enough you may be continuously cursing Zynga for your own lack of awareness.  There are other important things to remember if you do use scripts. First, is that there are only 2 ways of using these things. You either use them carefully or, you abuse them (and other players as well, by strict definition!). If you use them well, you need to make sure you make full use of your filters so that misunderstandings do not arise between friends or, strangers that could have become valued friend or, allies.

The moral of this blurb (if any)is to make sure you know your tools and, use them properly. Just remember, any kind of use is still against the Zynga FB TOS so, better safe than sorry. But, if you are as daring as most or, your need to protect yourself is really serious, do things right and use your tools responsibly!


A note on MW interpretations of game spirit

It is always important to remember that this is a game that feeds on you playing a bit of a role. Taking to the Mafiosi spirit of mafia Wars is most likely the intended way to enjoy it  but, absolutely not the only one. A great many of my dear friends play MW more like they were playing Dungeons and Dragons (I was actually just reminded of these over the weekend while observing a war between two groups I happen to like very much). I like these guys precisely because they love the game enough to take it to the limit and, because they manage (time after time) to leave their game “enemies” in the game. They are all very successful gamers and are can indulge in some very  hearty trash talking session that would put sailors to task. And though after, they may rummest some deep under-breadth curse against the perceived victor of a fight , battle or full out war, they always, always move one.

Mafia Wars Honor

They may be electronic warriors but all these friends of mine that so enhance the game are true sports men and, women. The conflict I mentioned is a good example of two completely different interpretations of the game that centered on one basically identical element. Many of us have seen this scenario countless times. One person gets attacked/robbed  or addressed in a manner or by someone they are particularly sensitive to. Most commonly we call these things that really irritate us “triggers” (how proper  name for our game, don’t you think?).

And, these “triggers” don’t have to be very big items. something as seemingly insignificant as someone’s dry writing tone (every body’s writing gives off an impression beyond the meaning it implies by it’s wording. context, choice of verbs and,or  adjectives) which can have a huge impact in our tiny attention span window peering into the lightning fast web.

The two opposing “teams” I made reference two had a relatively small incident happen between two players in  groups that had a little (very little but , just enough to notice) history between them.

Both players and groups are well known and, they have always been amazing to me personally and, to  others that I have witnessed them help. And, both groups really , really care about their members. They are indeed like small cyber families in many more ways than just playing the game.

In fact, that is that reason I first dared to go stick my long and pointy nose into something that was clearly none of my business. However, and  as I really should have  had every reason to expect, both friends were nothing but wonderful and warm to my  attempt to intervene. And, though we were close there for a moment, in the end their sense of Honor (I use a cap here because they deserve it) was so deep on both sides that they felt they had no choice but to go to war.

And, that is what this piece is really about. It is not about their private differences. It is only about the chance I had to witness a group that sees MW as it was probably envisioned originally whereas the other “team” views MW more like the original spirit of the actual Mafia (very much like in tune with the personalities defined in the old D&D Gary Gigax manuals [if you don’t know  who that was, Google it 🙂 ] of Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil).  And, it was fascinating how they both operated by pretty much the same rules but, resented the other team for the very things they were or, were not doing to each other. One side wanted to be play as Lawful good while the other wanted to play as Chaotic Good. Now, a good bunch of you would almost instinctively support the one tagged at (Lawful Good” but, if you really think about it, MW  is more likely meant for the Chaotic Good Character. In other words the uninitiated can understand, in MW it pays to have no limitations  (Chaotic) but, it also pays to be loyal to your own (Good). However, you can play the game with restrictions on what you will not respond to or, be offended by you would be “Lawful”, regardless of the rules, so as long as you stick to them as a code. The ultimate battle of Ninja vs. Samurai philosophies applied to this urban street warfare game.

In the end, there will always be a lot more than one. No matter how many times you Ice a foe, the foe will again rise from the dead. So, get used to the idea that we live in Road runner cartoon and, that at the end of the day the Road runner, the Sheep Dog and the Coyote all stamp their hour card and go out for a beer. Just to come back tomorrow to try and drop a 10,000 lbs anvil on each other courtesy of the only winner, the Acme/Zynga corporation.  LMAOOOO!!!


Zynga Slingo

More Zynga games

Well , if you were wondering why all that push to bring poker into Mafia Wars, well here is part of your answer. The obvious one is that Zynga had been gearing for this new evolution of it’s original Poker game and, final put out this cross bred… monstrosity?  Well, the jury is still out on this one but, one thing is for sure, gambling is a strong loyalty device and Zynag has no problems deploying it’s hooks all over. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going on a prohibitionist booze, betting and , Betty  rant. In fact I am the guy with the deck of cards in his pocket , a Jack in the Rocks Chairman special (here’s to ol’ blue eyes)  and two of the latter side by side (yes , I am a greedy bastard).

I am just pointing out a pretty tried and true device (scratch off tickets actually fall in this general category). This method of “gaming ” is called “sweepstakes gaming” and it can legally pay  up to $4,999.oo when played for money, without having to deal with the agriculture Dept as a gambling enterprise. The general idea is that very much like when you buy a sweepstakes (scratch off lottery ticket,  the prize is already there  and can not be changed. Of course there are many variations by state (and that includes prize limits, Florida just put up a $20 scratch off that boast a prize of  up to 3 million dollars)  and, though the web is not a stranger to this form of “gaming”, it’s integration to other games does beg that the whole principle of gaming vs. gambling be re-examined.

What do you think?  Drop us a line and let us know so  we can feature your thoughts on our next issue. Also, check our new “Central Station” at :


  • Jennifer Patterson

    Jennifer Patterson
    Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large

      Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.

    There following was posted on the Zynga forums by AngelFiona, who is one of the new Community Managers [1]. The same message can also be found on the Official Mafia Wars Blog [1]. To learn more about the new Mafia Wars Team, go here. The Mafia Wars VIP Program Hello Mobsters,  The Mafia Wars team is constantly working on introducing new features in the game as well fixing existing performance issues that have been…

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • There following was posted on the Zynga forums by AngelFiona, who is one of the new Community Managers [1]. To learn more about the new Mafia Wars Team, go here. The Mafia Wars VIP Program Hello Mobsters,  The Mafia Wars team is constantly working on introducing new features in the game as well fixing existing performance issues that have been reported by the community to enhance the overall game-play experience….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • There following was posted on the Zynga forums by AngelFiona, who is one of the new Community Managers [1]. To learn more about the new Mafia Wars Team, go here. The Mafia Wars VIP ProgramHello Mobsters,  The Mafia Wars team is constantly working on introducing new features in the game as well fixing existing performance issues that have been reported by the community to enhance the overall game-play experience….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • The third and final London Caption Contest is now active on the Mafia Wars forums. The image that needs a caption is shown below. For your chance to win 100 reward points, go here and submit your entry by 11:50pm PST on March 21st. The image in need of a caption is shown below. Read more »

    Source: MW Loot Lady



    Scott Welliver:

    Scrappy Editor at Large

    Scott has been a part of The Daily Post for about a year and a half and, he has been as loyal to the cause as his hilarious creation , Da Scrappy Chihuahua is loyal to his crew.

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    The entire collection of Da Scrappy Chihuahua Podcast shows is available in downloadable MP3s at Podcast Machine.

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    Daily AllFacebook Feed - Monday, March 19, 2012

    2012 Facebook Hacker Cup World Champion Crowned

    Roman Andreev of Russia was crowned the 2012 Facebook Hacker Cup World Champion, taking home $5,000 for completing one of the final problems of the five-round programming competition in one hour and four minutes. read more>>

    Twittus Puts Tweets Into A Box On Facebook Timeline

    Twitter users posting their tweets to their Facebook accounts is nothing new, but new Facebook application Twittus takes advantage of timeline to allow users to create a separate box on their profiles to house all Twitter activity, including retweets and mentions. read more>>

    Facebook Open Graph Grows Izlesene Users 16-Fold

    Video-sharing site Izlesene has grown its user base 16-fold after upgrading to Facebook’s open graph actions. read more>>

    What Happens To Facebook Canvas Apps On Timeline

    Developers, take note: The default migration of all pages to timeline at the end of the month doesn’t automatically upgrade canvas applications into the new format. read more>>

    Napkin Labs’ Apps Soak Up Facebook Timeline For Pages

    Custom Facebook application provider Napkin Labs announced a suite of apps that will be optimized for the social network’s timeline pages in time for the March 30 transition date for brands. read more>>

    Facebook Tests Aggregated Tags Linking External Sites

    Facebook appears to be testing the linking of its aggregated tags on its news feed to destinations outside of the social network, rather than to Facebook pages on the topic. read more>>

    Managing Franchise And Corporate Facebook Pages

    Elaine Mesker-Garcia, who manages social media for Fuddruckers and Luby’s, talks about the difference between running corporate pages and franchisee pages on Facebook. read more>>

    NPR Eyes Expansion Of Local Facebook Content Trial

    NPR plans to build on its experiment in using the ability to customize Facebook posts by location with its Seattle affiliate, KPLU, and the public broadcaster detailed its plans in its entry to media innovation contest the Knight News Challenge. read more>>

    Facebook Is The #1 Social Site For News Traffic: Pew

    While Facebook has made a push in the past year to engage more journalists, the social network lags behind Google and other platforms as a significant driver of traffic to news media sites. read more>>


By Bill Lara


Mafia Wars has always been a place where confrontations ad trash talk have always been the order of the day. But, I must say that as time has passed and,  the game the people we get to mingle with while playing the game change with it. I guess it takes being around for a while to really begin relizing that , in the end the game is just that, only a game.

I find that extremely refreshing. Just recently I had a small misunderstanding that led to a little trash talking but, as soon as both parties had a couple of hour to cool off, both of us were ready to talk lik e the reasonable adults we otherwise are away from the  “killing fields”. I have never felt better about the game and the people in it.

My dear, dear friends (Special thanks to Sasha, Scrappy,Lana and the rest of the gang. You are my favorite crime fighting pooches of all time!) jumped to defend me at the first hint of an issue and, of course that is always heartwarming. But, the best part was being able to connect and eventually friend the other player. I will not specifically name him because at the time of this writing, I had not asked his permission to do so but, I had to take the opportunity to thank him for his good nature and honorable behavior so, thank you again Greg, you are indeed a gentleman and, I am very, very happy to have made your acquaintance.  It is folks like you that make the difference for us all, in how we perceive and enjoy Mafia Wars.

Ok faithful readers, this week i have streamlined the post a little bit more so as to save you so many details. Please remember to send in you comment, ssuggestions and ideas directly to me or, as comments on this blog. I will try to get around to them in the same order as they come in. So, with out further, here is this week’s issue for your enjoyment.



Follow this link for more details

User-added image
Family Boss Fight: Lily O'Valley

Check the Zynga Forums for even more answers

(Just don’t ask about bookmarklets or, they’ll offer to suspend you!)


Jennifer Patterson
Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large

    Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.

    • *************

      Many server images related to London have been discovered by players in the community. I have them splashed over several posts so I’m putting them all together and will update this post as more are found.  Thanks goes to Abhinav Gandhi, TOKO, Leonard Wong, Mark Allan, Stephen Voss, Gabriel Perez, Sravan Kumar, Eric Trotman, an anonymous commenter and anyone I may not have known about.  If you want to look for…

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • Three more London Loot items were discovered by Stephen Voss, Gabriel Perez, Sravan Kumar, Eric Trotman and an anonymous commenter in the servers and posted on our fan page. The total number of London Loot items discovered by the community is now 17. The number of properties found is 3….

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • The next repeat item of The Stranger’s Swag is the Solar Glide Drone. We’ve already had this two times! Once during Don’s Gift and once when The Stranger’s Swag first started [1], [2]. It was boring then and it’s still boring. Can’t they come up with better loot? Don’t bother reading more, the image below sums up how most of us feel about this feature. Read more »

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • The bonus links for the day are below. Use the Checklist by Team Spockholm to get the 8 hour toolbar bonuses. If your toolbar bonus isn’t working, go here.  Feel free to share these links. If you are having trouble copying them so they are in hyperlink format, go here….

      Source: MW Loot Lady
      Published: 2012-03-11 08:07:48 GMT
      For much, much more please go to  Jennifer’s blog page at:



Scott Welliver:

Scrappy Editor at Large

Scott has been a part of The Daily Post for about a year and a half and, he has been as loyal to the cause as his hilarious creation , Da Scrappy Chihuahua is loyal to his crew.

Don’t miss any of this funny and, at times heartwarming episodes of this tiny champion with a mighty heart!

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The first Video will be from Audio Podcast XIV “Weenies, Beanies, & Other Family Ties” available for listening or download at Podcast Machine.


This week’s poll:


Zynga Logo

Big Screen, Big Fun – Hanging With Friends HD and Dream Heights HD Now Optimized for the iPad

Submitted by Zynga on Thu, 03/08/2012 – 10:04

Good news Zynga players, two of your favorite games are now available on “the large screen” for even bigger fun! Zynga announces the availability of Hanging With Friends and Dream Heights is now optimized in a special HD version for the iPad. So now it’s time to ‘hang’ out, and play with your friends to build really tall buildings and plunge into lava – all on the big screen.

A Platform for Play

Submitted by Mark Pincus on Thu, 03/01/2012 – 10:27

Today, we’re proud to share a new platform for play. The Zynga Platform is designed with two simple goals: more access to the best social games and more people to play with. Your New Destination for Play – Coming Soon

Submitted by Zynga on Thu, 03/01/2012 – 10:19

Remember that mysterious “play service” we announced in October as Project Z? Well get your smiles ready, because we’re about to show you something we’ve been cooking up for a while.

Betcha Can’t Play Just Once

Submitted by Zynga on Thu, 03/01/2012 – 06:05

We like our snacks like our games: Fun, Social (Eating With Friends), Accessible, and Mobile.

Zynga Slings Classic Favorite into Social Gaming with Zynga Slingo

Submitted by Zynga on Wed, 02/15/2012 – 10:32

Valentine’s Day might have been yesterday, but love is still in the air here at Zynga. It all started when Zynga met Slingoand Zynga Slingo was born!

The Power of Play at Zynga

Submitted by Zynga on Wed, 02/15/2012 – 09:30

Did you know that underneath your favorite Zynga games such as Words With FriendsCityVille and FarmVille is some serious tech? We’re talking one of the world’s largest uses of cloud computing and enough data processed to store 10x the amount of movies in Netflix in HD. Heck, we help players deliver more gifts than Santa. Check out some of these tech-defying stats in our first ever techno-graphic. That’s technology + infographic. See what we did there?

Dream Zoo Comes to Android Market

Submitted by Zynga on Wed, 02/15/2012 – 09:00

It’s a dream come true for Android users – Dream Zoo is now available to download in the Android Market, giving even more players the opportunity to take a walk on the wild side.  Zynga’s first zoo themed game and the first in its ‘Dream’ series of mobile social games, Dream Zoo will now be available cross-platform, giving players on Android and iOS devices the ability to connect with more friends and widen their community of fellow zookeepers.

Words With Friends Players Get Flirty and Wordy with Valentine’s Day Poll

Submitted by Zynga on Tue, 02/14/2012 – 05:00

While ‘triple word score,’ tiles and romance might not go hand-in-hand, Words With Friends’ players say differently. In just three days, over 100,000 players were polled in game – showcasing the sheer mass of Words With Friends. In our favorite game of crossword combat, word warriors were surveyed in Zynga’s first wide-scale poll about dating, doting and even cheating. 44% of players surveyed claimed they have gone for more than just the gold in Words With Friends, and flirted with another player in-game. Other interesting statistics include:


For even more information on Zynga games:

The Daily Post (Weekly Edition) March/05/2012

Back from Zynga Jail,…Again!!!!



As you may already know, I have been suspended three times in a row by the big Z. It really is more like a vacation than a hindrance. All the suspension does is stop you from gifting or fighting but, though I was robbed a couple of times, it really was not a issue. So, I am not sure whether or not you are even on the fightlist or, if you just can’t see all the low and, insanely wrong things your rivals are doing to you (lol).

I spoke to Zynga “player advocates” a number of times but, aside from the initial good natured response and,  firm offer to be in charge of the issue, there was no real information on the reasons for the suspension.

This three part episode began with my  report of missing RP’s to Zynga. This was corrected right away but, when it happened  again and I again reported it  I was immediately suspended the first time.

I asked for the logic of this and was told that that was the way the system worked during an investigation. So, I did not dwell on it too much and just continued to get better acquainted with what you could spend the suspension time on. This led to the happy conclusion that, with out having to worry about fighting, all that was left was levelling up. Furthermore, since Italy has yet to close and, Las Vegas also has the fight leveling section, I could continue to fight and spend stamina as you also add wins to your stats.

Now, stats really do not mean much to the average player since, most player are not really able to tell how a larger number of wins may help them in the game (mostly because it does not), However, there are the “purists” that just want to have a pristine character account and, will go to any lengths to keep it as “untouched” as possible.

 The second and third suspensions came after a number of warning saying that I was already suspended. Being as paranoid as is my habit, I immediately thought I had been suspended because some whinny high level player falsely reporting abuse (I do not attack lower levels a s a rule. Unless of course they attack me an inordinate number of times on a first or second run. So, I have sort of specialize on Kamikaze fighting against player hundreds, though it is usually thousands, of levels above me that have attacked me an multiple times on a first run).

Because I have been fighting all sorts of attackers, wars, etc, etc for so long (three years now) to cover the game for our publications, I am very much aware of the general psychology of certain classes of players. A great deal of MW players really take the game way too seriously (I surely did at one time LOL:) ) and, falsely reporting abuse or, setting up a dummy account as a bait  so, a screen shot of responding attacks will be then used to “justify” the accusation.

Though this happens quite a bit, it is not the most effective way to deal with a player since, eventually the false reporter does get caught. This is because,ll reporting IP’s are logged and tallied as part of the system’s log. Eventually, a serial reporter will stand out. But, like I said, this is not the most common issue. Normally the suspension comes automatically if the system feels you are going too fast (reason for which most scripts allow speed choices). That is also noticed by the BIg Zy CPU when clicking frenetically on your mouse as you attack. This is also an FB thing that is most apparent when you send too many messages/or post on several pages too fast.

Of course the abusive use of scripts and, the occasional player/Zynga connected player (player do seek to friend super-moderators and any other person that may represent a benefit in game play. And, it has been suspected that at times inside Zynga folk, may have favored “buddies” outside the company’s parameter.) are also conditions that may lead to multiple suspensions. However, scripts don’t get much attention anymore as, they are really everywhere once you hit the “Shark Tank” (when you reach Level 400 or so, all higher levels can see and attack you).

Suspension of any kind is not really  not a reason to despair though. Stopping the behavior will result in a normalization withing a day or two at the most. However, being suspended is usual a matter of one week.

What is really annoying is when you ask what was the reason for the suspension and, the only thing you get back from the “advocates” is “Well, you have broken the TOS!”. This is what is so silly. I pressed them on a good number of email exchanges to tell me exactly what I was doing so I could correct the situation but, there was no information forthcoming on any of the messages. And, 7 days to the minute (for the third time), the account was again active. Without  a word from Zynga or, any of the “player advocates”.

I personally managed to level from 730 to 866 through these suspensions so, I am ready for another one. Now, let’s be clear, I am not recommending you go tease Zynga with all sorts of abuse to see if you can get suspended for a while and work on your levels. Eventually one of their suspensions WILL turn in to a complete removal. I do it for the story but, if you really like your account, try not to get suspended on purpose!

Please share your experiences (positive or negative) with us. We may not be able to help you directly  (though, usually the experiences of other players do help in a number of cases) and, we do not have any sort of friends or influence within Zynga but, we are a publication read by quite a few people so, answers can be found!

Please be sure to let us know what specific ares you would like more info on and, we will try and look intro it in future issues.

I really hope you find this helpful!

Cheers 🙂 ,

Yr Friend Bill;)

P.S. I f you think someone else may get some use out of our publication, please pass it on!



From the Official Zynga MW Blog

  • Family Boss Fight: Lily O'Valley

    Use the collaborative strength of your family to show that Lily O’Valley is not as dangerous as she thinks she is, and be among the top contributors to the fight for a chance to receive the Poison Blossom (202/202) when your family beats her!

    Family Boss Fights pit your entire family against an epic boss. In the case of Lily O’Valley, you’ll have 7 days to reduce her 1,000,000 health to zero to win the fight. Once these 7 days are over or whenever the timer runs out on a Family Boss Fight, the boss’ health resets and you will have another chance to prove that your family is in charge. This time it will be available for 90 days which increases your chances to win more rewards!

    If you’re not familiar with how Family Boss Fights work, be sure to read our introductory post, otherwise get in there and show Lily O’Valley what your family’s made of !

    PS: Help us make better Mafia Wars features and events by completing this very quick survey  to let us know what you think of this one.

    -The Mafia Wars Team

Insurrection in Italy Mobsters,

The tables have turned yet again for the Italian mafia bosses. Although heavily protected, the latest reports claim that the prominent members of the mob families were found dead. Italy witnesses collateral damages of these violent crimes with skyrocketing death tolls. The crime scenes reek of the Neo-Imperium.  The police are helpless to intervene …

Beat them at their own game by completing the mission Insurrection in Italy  before it closes at 9:30 PM (Pacific Time) on 6th March, 2012 to earn an exclusive new loot item, Kingfisher (115/60). In addition, you’ll receive 5x Job Mastery and a grand prize, Mafioso (171/105).

Rush to Italy  and get your revenge NOW before the city locks down!

Help us make better Mafia Wars features and events by completing this very quick survey  to let us know what you think of this one.

FAQ for Italy Shutdown

Q: What exactly does the closing of Italy mean?

A: Italy will no longer be accessible after 9:30 PM (Pacific Time) on March 6th 2012.
Although you will still be able to see in on the Travel menu, it will be grayed out and travel there will not be possible.
Aside from travel to the city, this also means that you will not be able to collect from Italy properties (My Village) or access the city’s bank.
In addition to this, you will not be able to vault or re-vault any of the Italy collections after the city has closed.

Q: Is the closing of Italy going to be permanent?

A: Italy will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Q: I got a pop-up with news about Insurrection in Italy. When will the mission event begin?

A: The Insurrection in Italy Mission Event is scheduled to be released at 9:30 PM (Pacific Time) on February 27th 2012.
User-added image

Q: How much time do I have to complete the Mission Event before Italy closes?

A: You will have 8 days from Feb 27th to finish the mission and to collect as much loot as possible before Italy closes.

Q: What does the Mission Event entail?

A: During the event you will receive 5X mastery for finishing jobs in Italy. In additional to the regular loot drops for the city you will also have the chance to loot a new and rare Animal bonus item.
User-added image

Q: What is the bonus item that can be looted with this event?

A: The additional bonus item called the ‘Kingfisher’ will drop from Italy fights and jobs. It has attack strength of 115 and defense strength of 60.
User-added image

Q: Will there be a mastery item that is awarded if I complete Mission Event: Insurrection in Italy?

A: Yes, if you complete this Mission Event successfully, you will be rewarded with the Vehicle Item “Mafioso”.Mafioso has Attack strength of 171, and Defense strength of 105. In addition, you will receive Mastery Items for mastering each tier of the Mission Event.
User-added image

Q: Will I need to collect any special items in order to complete the Mission Event?

A: Yes, in order to complete the event you will need to collect ‘Supersonic Wave Blaster’. This item will be available through Feeds to help you complete the Mission Event.

Q: What if I have finished Italy already?

A: You can still do jobs and complete Mission event – Insurrection in Italy. Completing the Mission Event will award you with Mafioso (171/105) and doing more jobs will increase your chances to get the rare loot item – Kingfisher.

Q: What if I haven’t finished Italy yet?

A: If you haven’t finished Italy yet, you will receive 5x Mastery on all un-mastered jobs. Each mastered jobs rewards you with a skill point, so this is a chance to collect some skill points faster. Doing more jobs will also increase your chances to get the rare loot item – Kingfisher.
If you haven’t vaulted the Italy collections yet, you can do so while Italy is still available, but not after it has closed.

Completing the Mission Event : Insurrection in Italy will award you with Mafioso (171/105) and Mastery Items for mastering each tier of the mission event.

Q: What will happen to my progress in Italy, if I do not finish in time?

A: All progress made by you will be saved, but you will not be able to access the city after 9:30 PM (Pacific Time) on March 6th 2012.

-The Mafia Wars Team


Check the Zynga Forums for answers

(Just don’t ask about bookmarklets or, they offer to suspend you!)


Jennifer Patterson

____Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large


     Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her addice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.

    Family Bargain

    I don’t know what they are smoking over at Zynga Headquarters but the “Family Bargain” feature is evidence that it’s something mind altering. For the next two days, your family can gain extra skill points if the family collectively purchases 100, 200, 300, or 400 Rain Ponchos. The extra skill points for each tier is +1, +2, +3 and +4….
  • Mafia Poker Season 3 is now available. We knew this was coming when the loot item reward was added to the inventory and a server image of the banner was discovered [1] ,[2]. The event will run for 10 days. Juliana is missing from the Home Page banner and a new image of cards and chips has replaced her….
  • I don’t know what they are smoking over at Zynga Headquarters but the “Family Bargain” feature is evidence that it’s something mind altering. For the next two days, your family can gain extra skill points if the family collectively purchases 100, 200, 300, or 400 Rain Ponchos. The extra skill points for each tier is +1, +2, +3 and +4….
  • The bonus links for the day are below. Use the Checklist by Team Spockholm to get 8 hour toolbar bonuses. Go here if your toolbar bonus doesn’t work. Feel free to share these links. If you are having trouble copying them so they are in hyperlink format, go here for the basics of copy/paste….

  • Skill Point Reallocation is now active. If you missed it, try using the Desktop Notifications feature in the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar or check the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page frequently. Find Skill Point Reallocation in the Marketplace under the Stat Items tab.  For more information on how Skill Point Reallocation works, go here….

    Source: MW Loot Lady

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Scrappy Editor at Large

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Da Scrappy Chihuahua Podcast Fan Page

Scrappisode XIV: Weenies, Beanies & Other Family Ties is here! Hear Scrappy set up family business in Italy, his friends get to meet his Mamá, and Scrappy himself gets to meet a new big brother. CAT LOVERS! Listen in! This scrappisode we introduce da big panther/brother: Pepper.


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