The “New” Daily Post, September 2012


Well hello again Mafiosi everywhere. The Daily Post has been undergoing a whole number of changes in the past few months and, because of how many other bogs and businesses we get to be involved in, it has been sorely neglected. Until now…!

We have chosen a new batch of administrators for our sites and, we are in the process of dividing ourselves between those of TDP memebrs who want to continue  enjoying the relative peace and quiet of MW the TDP way(mostly taking advantage of the new information posted and the collaboration between members to help you grow. TDP also embraces other games and players and, will cover those news in the measure that you demand it.

For the others of us who still enjoy MW best above all and, have gotten a little fat around the edges (within the metaphor of the  game of course), we have created The War Room. In this group location we will issue red and tags, battle avatars for peace/war etc etc. No re-tagging is required but, if you tdo have other tags, please make sure that you have the approval of your group or clan before participating in an open conflict. Though we expect that most of our activities will be centered on mock wars, we will train for guerrilla war gaming and when appropriate, aid allies and friends in their “lawful good” quest and ,or conflicts.

We just had our first all out war which lasted about three weeks from start to finish (it was actually two wars  as the was one cease fire that degenerated onto a secondary war). During the first part of the conflict we began creating the war room (we sent out event invitations a week before the room was created to all our room/pages) response was encouraging as about a hundred of our members joined the room. However, they did join an ongoing war with little or no training in group fighting so in the end only about a dozen and a half of our friends and members joined in. Luckily for us we had some pretty tough and ethical players in that bunch  and, it didn’t hurt that they brought their own guys into the fray!

It was savage and exhausting for all side but, in the end, we all won. The game was played honorably and even with all the misunderstandings that usually go hand in hand with MW, great leadership and the deep honorable and respectful core that is within the great majority of MW players shone right through. Below is what we posted on The War page after the conflict:

“Thank you all once again for your outstanding performance on our first conflict. In the end and thanks to the dedicated labor and strong sense of leadership exemplified by Michelle Bleasner and the stern determination of Aaron Carpenter the Gm and GF of The Irish Mafia the war was not only a good smack down but, Michelle made sure that after the fighting was plenty, each and every one got to shake hands and even make friends.

As it turned out, even the two fiercest enemies among the dozens fighting ended up “friending” each other in one of the finest examples of good sportsmanship I have seen in a long time. All and all this was a rich learning experience and, has opened the door for future alliance with a bunch of really decent people who happen to be ferocious players.

We all get wrapped up in the manner in which the game is played but, it is wonderful when people get to remember that we are just playing a game. we were very lucky to have had amazing allies and, opponents that are so willing to give so much of themselves to make this a better game.

Particular Kudos to Dragons Shadow GM and one of our top admins, Debbie Clepper. She had some rough personal moments that she plowed right through to support her crew. She had to make a really hard decision that in the end, proved to be the wisest. And, though it pained her to do it, she sacrificed her sensibilities for the good of her group. Hats off to a great GM and fellow player.

There were many, many people worthy of mention from Jim to Darrin to Horst, Ian and Scott. I apologize for not mentioning everyone but, you know who you are and you know you have a home and a friend with us for as long as you want it.

That is why I love this game. There is a lot of really good stuff once we get past the pesky icing and the usual trash talk that can make the game boht fun and, really irritating to play. Throw in a couple of Zynga glitches and FB browser conflicts and, well…, we have all been there…! LOL 🙂

Moving on, our other pages still have the name of The Daily Post. As we advance with this one, I will ask all who still want to remain in the Post’s information pages transfer to the original group page 1 and the other most populated pages leaving only three for the Post. We will take the others under the direction of our admins and build each for a specific use that the admins will discuss and determine through next week.

I am strongly considering continuing to publish some version of the Post but, most importantly, to work on the alliances this last conflict opened up. As soon as I have a chance during the day, I will open a thread for the admins to communicate so we can move on to the next step…

Honor and Respect to all of you…
Your Friend,


Now for the reason you keep up with us…


A Scott Welliver creation / production

When times get tough, so do people. Animals do too. But those who think to include others’ welfare end up having all they need and more. Check out this old Japanese fable (at least that’s as far back as we could trace it) updated League of Paws style. Scrappisode XXII is called: Fetchstick Loaf at our host, Podcast Machine.


Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer Patterson
Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large


Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past few years.

Iceboard Rewards: Don’t Be Confused

Many players are upset because they were #1 on their Mafia Iceboard but didn’t get any loot rewards. The reason is simple….there were no loot rewards for the Iceboard that just expired. Reward will be offered for the current Iceboard which will end in 7 days. The Official Mafia Wars Blog explains this rather nicely. Go here for more details.


When we started the Mafia Wars Iceboard last week, many players suggested that we reward top ranking players.
We thought it was a great idea!  From this week onwards, the top three ranks globally and the first rank in your Mafia will receive the following prizes. The winners will receive their rewards on Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012. Please note: These rewards are applicable for the current Iceboard season that started on Sept 4, 2012.

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How To Be #1 On Your Mafia Iceboard

Everybody wants to be #1 on their Mafia Iceboard. You know the saying…#2 is not a winner and 3 nobody remembers. If you can’t do a lot of ices, don’t worry. There is a way to be #1 without having to do a unrealistic number of ices. To get your loot reward for being #1, just read the instructions below and perform the steps towards the end of this Iceboard Season.


Iceboard Season 1 Final Results

The Top 10 players for the Global Iceboard and final results are shown below. That’s a lot of ices! haters will be happy to know that nobody got a prize this time around because the feature was not rolled out to players at the same time. I had a chance to chat with Jason and found out some interesting information….

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Iceboard Season 2: Rewards Added

The first session of the Iceboard has ended and was immediately reset at 12am Zynga Time (Pacific). There were no rewards for the last Iceboard but the next one has them. They are the Gun Glove and the Golden Crest which we told you about 10 days ago [1]. Zynga most likely didn’t offer rewards for the last Iceboard because all players didn’t start at the same time and it wouldn’t have been fair (because everything else is!). Keep reading to see what the point is of this feature is and stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Jason, the Iceboard Season 1 winner.
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The Top 10 Icers

Most of us mere mortals only see the top 3 icers on our Global Iceboard. I just learned from Jason who is in the Target Mafia Family and currently holds the number 1 spot that he gets to see the Top 10 icers. He was kind enough to take the following screen shot and will provide an updated one at the end of the event. Without further ado, here are the current Top 10 of the Global Iceboard!

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Daily Link Time Change

For the past two years, we have been posting daily links for a free point provided by Mafia Wars. It’s been a smooth process as links for these points have been activated at 12am Pacific Time (aka Zynga Time) everyday. As you can see, many players check the page on this blog as it is updated daily at the same time (unlike the Mafia Wars Fan Page).
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Next Limited Time Mission: Oversoul Winds

The next Limited Time Mission banner image is in the servers. It’s called Oversoul Winds and will be hosted by Tim Lee. The Grand Prize is a vehicle that has stats of 209/138. Oversoul Winds will be the 42nd Limited Time Mission.

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Last Day For Current Iceboard

 Today is the last day for the Iceboard which supposedly ranks you, your mafia members and all other Mafia Wars players by the number of ices you got during the week. Not all players got the feature at the same time so it’s rather pointless and means nothing at this time. Perhaps when it resets, the second showing will be better executed and we will learn a purpose for the feature.
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Tender Hooks Added Back to the Free Gift Page

Yesterday we reported that Tender Hooks mysteriously disappeared from the Free Gift Page [1]. Today they have returned.

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Rewards Card Punch Deal Returns

The Rewards Card punch incentive has returned and will be around for a total of 7 days. Last time it was available, I noticed that I didn’t get many 40% off reward point offers.To learn how this “feature” works, go here.


Limited Edition Item: Kung Fu

There is a new Limited Edition item available in the Marketplace.. The Kung Fu has stats of 197/124, costs 35 reward points and has no featured module. Find it under the Limited Edition Tab in the Marketplace.

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VIP Delivery Item: Sniffer

 The VIP special item of the week is the Sniffer. Zynga may have tell you that you received 50 reward points with this item but go check your balance….I’ll wait….You didn’t!

The Big VIP Shaft

 In preparation for tomorrows big shaft, Zynga is giving their precious VIP subscribers a popup notification so they won’t be blindsided. The normal delivery of 50 reward points will not happen for VIP subscribers because it already has due to a technical error that was in no way the fault of their subscribers. The popup up will direct you to the Official Mafia Wars Blog where you can learn more. I believe the special VIP loot item for this week is Lubrication and has stats of 0/0!
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The Stranger’s Swag: Millionaire

 UPDATE: We told you to be fast and we weren’t joking around. Zynga pulled this item at 12am. If you weren’t able to request the items from your mafia, you can still get 2 by clicking on news feed requests.

The sporadic Stranger’s Swag of the moment is the Millionaire. He has stats of 156/92 and is the 4th item to be released from the 7th generation of Stranger’s Swag. You better be quick because Zynga is known to pull these items just as quickly as they release them.



Henceforth, your daily free skill point link that we post on our Mafia Wars Facebook fan page will be available 6:00 AM PST onwards.

Visit our fan page.


For some VIP Members, the Weekly Reward of 50 RPs due on Monday, Sept 3rd 2012 has already been granted on Thursday, Aug 30th 2012.

These VIP Members will only receive another exclusive limited edition VIP loot item Sniffer( 197/122) on Monday, September 3rd 2012.To view the item awarded, please click on the VIP link on the marketplace and then click on View Bundles.
User-added image

User-added image

Please enter your UID in this form  if you are an active VIP member and you have not received 50 RP either on Thursday, Aug 30th 2012 or on Monday, Sept 3rd 2012.

Next delivery of 50 RPs along with another exclusive limited edition loot item for VIP members will happen on Monday, Sept 10th 2012


New VIP loot drops for September are now available!
Chisel Plough




Cut-Proof Suit


(146/98)  MW_item_Platypus_400Platypus

(98/144)  Mw_item_retrobus_400Retro Bus


Read more about the benefits of being a VIP member.

Enjoy exclusive benefits by subscribing to the VIP Membership Plan today!
-The Mafia Wars Team


Iceboard is now available to all our players!

We released this feature gradually to all our players in order to maintain the system stability.

We appreciate your patience while the feature was incrementally rolled out and welcome your continued feedback via the below survey.

Survey Link =>

Please note that Iceboard will next reset on Tuesday, Sept 4th 2012


We are giving you the power to do some real damage!

Last month, as an experiment, we had increased the power attacks to 15 attacks per click and all of you had loved it. Based on the positive feedback from the players, we are making this a permanent feature in the game.

 Ice your enemies now!

– The Mafia Wars Team


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