THE DAILY POST week of April 20th – 27, 2012


An experiment in Mafia Fiction

A Trisket , a trasket, your mafia’s heads all in one basket!!!

Episode 1

The car came to a complete stop just long enough to let Louie out to open the warehouse doors . Louie was big strapping mama’s boy from Jersey but, he was making his bones with our crew. Not very smart but, real useful in a scrap.

As Louie swung open the doors, I drove it around so that if we needed to move out quick we could just drive it straight out.  Once ther doors were closed again, I popped open the trunk and grabbed the bag where the rest of our instructions were supposed to be.

That was the part that always made me a little nervous and, the reason I always wanted to be the one reading the note first. For all I knew, one of these days whose instructions could include one last entry,… just for me. But, not tonight, not ever again.

By the time Louie had managed to get around to the back of the car I had already read the instructions. We were supposed to wait. Just sit tight for a while in case we were needed. If all went well, someone would be around with another car in about an hour to drop it off and take the one we drove in.

Not really a two man job if you ask me but, then again who would ask me. I was low man on this totem pole. Well almost, Louie was a little further down because he was not very bright and, tended to run his mouth a bit. Funny how long that had been tolerated.

At any rate, this was my last job. I had already got my blessing from my Capo. Little Joey Laperno, there was a good boss if I ever had one. That was the one thing I would miss from this line of employment. Working for Joey had been real fun. They guy was tough and cold but, he knew how to make his people feel valuable. Yeah, I would miss Joey. after almost fifteen years of dedicated service.

It took fifteen years to finally find a lady worth retirement. And, about three minutes for me too know she was the one. Little Joey’s cousin Gina had arrived a few weeks ago  from the old country and, it had been up tome to take her around. She was still learning the language so, I ended up going everywhere with her and, slowly something began happening to both of us. We started talking like friend, good friends and, we laughed a lot. It was good to  laugh with her.

Once we both realized how in love we were I went to Joey. And, a bit to my surprise he gave his blessing and handed me my last job. An easy score so I could retire with a little bonus. What a guy, I was sure gonna miss him.

Louie startled me out of my thoughts with a dry snore so, I stood up and kicked him on the shins. Once he was done cussing he sat up  and,we both heard a car drive up to the doors and stop. Louie went to open the door and I got in the other car to drive it out while the other guy drive his in. As soon as Louie had the doors open we both drove forward with our light off. There was a big moon out so, it was rather easy to drive.

I put the car in park and began walking back in as Louie moved  around to the back of the car that had just drove in. Just then I realized I had left my lucky rabbit’s foot on the key chain and, reached down to get it. as I started towards the open warehous again I could not see or hear Louie or the other driver. In fact, the whole place was really quiet.

All I saw next was a flash somewhere off to my right and, then felt a smack on my face like someone had taken a steel bat to it. As my body turned violently twisting the rest of my body with it, I realized I had been shot in the face.

Half blind with pain and blood I scrambled as best I could toward the other car as I frantically reached for my throwaway piece. Normally I would not have been carrying for something like this but, whenever I worked with Louie I felt it was better to be prepared. Another smack on my left shoulder sent me rolling on the floor again but, it also disguised my grabbing the throwaway from my ankle holster. As I rolled over i could see the son of a bitch marching straight at me with his arms extended into a silver pistol in each of them. At the same moment I noticed his face had no features.

That fraction of a second delay was enough for him to get close enough for a kill shot. He looked straight at my for a brief instant and pulled the trigger as I just stared at that featureless face. Everything slowed down to a crawl. I could almost see the swing of the hammer as it hit the pin,…but nothing happened. The gun misfired. He began to raise his other weapon but, somehow I had managed to point my throwaway and, squeeze the trigger without even realizing it.

All of a sudden there I could make out a feature on that blank face. One small red dot roughly on the center of his forehead. He dropped both weapons and slowly fell to his knees and then to the ground where lay crumpled like a marionette whose strings have just been cut. My face was a mess but apparently the bullet had passed from side to side almost cleanly. I was in a heck of a lot of pain but, I could survive this. I patched my shoulder as bast I could and used my shirt to hold my face.

Whatever had just happened here, I had to clean up get get away as as fast as I could somewhere I could get help before loosing enough blood to pass out.

The guy in what turned out to be  mask was not very heavy so I put him in the trunk of the car rather easily. Louie was slumped behind the other car with a bullet through his brain. Just one look and I knew he was just too heavy to get in the other car. There was only one other solution, I had seen some gas cans earlier against one of the walls.

As it turned out there was about a half a gallon in one of them. More than enough to start a little cleansing fire. But , just as I was ready to light the place up I had an idea. why not let whoever was responsible for this think that the plan had worked?. I took out my wallet and removed the thick of the cash but, left a few bills. The other guy had no id and nothing on him except a strange ring  and a cell phone so, I dressed him up in my clothes and jewelry  and, took his cellphone and ring.

Then I lit up the place, got in the other car and sped away as the glow of the fire began to grow on the rear view mirror. I needed to find a place to hide and heal. I needed a doctor and, I needed to figure out what had happened before I contacted Joey or Gina. Could they be in danger too? Was this a hit on the whole crew ? My mind was swimming between those question and, my loss of blood. I started to examine my options and drove intothe night to find a place to lick my wounds and get some rest before deciding what to do next…



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this (Scrappy) weekend!


Not only are we cutting loose a new audio podcast but simultaneously we’re letting our 2ND video comic run amuck! Here is Scrappisode XVI: A Family Dogfather, where Scrappy makes a decision with life-changing consequences.

And finally!… Da Scrappy Chihuahua Video Comic Issue #2! “Beanies, Bombs & Birds Begone! Scrappy begins “business” in Italy, Sasha & Clementine forcibly obtain intel & Wonder Weenie burrows into action. Enjoy!


Jennifer Patterson

Jennifer Patterson
Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large


  • Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.

    • Leonard Wong found the next banner for Collectable Stat Cards in the Zynga servers. We don’t know when they will be released but most likely it will be soon. Read more »

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • The Collector’s Edition item for the day is the Proboscis Monkey. When we go the last item on Tuesday, it appeared they were going back to the Tuesday/Friday schedule. This blows that theory out of the water. Maybe it’s a Tuesday/Thursday schedule now. Whatever they decide, it’s only fair to their loyal collector’s to post a schedule so nobody misses out. Read more »

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • A boatload of items were added to the inventory early this morning. There are a total of 96 items. 11 are labeled “Special Event” and 10 of them are probably the next Lucky Stash items. 5 items are labeled “Gifting” and will most likely be another batch of Stranger’s Swag items….

      Source: MW Loot Lady

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