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  • VIP Membership, an offer you can’t refuse…?

    Ok freeloading mobsters, Zynga Bosses are making a big push to make you all drunk with power through their new VIP program’s perks. This ain’t a charitable offer, they are making an all out  effort to finally get paid for their “troubles”!

    After years of adapting Mafia Wars to whatever marketing strategy Zynga is implementing as a unified conglomerate of game departments at the time, MW has reached another yet another level in their erratic progression.

    Way back when, Zynga was continually accused of allowing special circumstances for what were then known as CC players (credit card players). Some of these were easily identifiable when fighting regular daily players since thought their levels were really high, they just fell over when struck. However,, because MW is, after all , expected to turn a higher profit every year, we eventually came to accept them as a normal part of the community. Hey, if some were willing to pay for the fluff and, we could continue our criminal, free loading, glitch catching, fee play on terms that dedication and loyal daily gaming still gave us a way to even the odds, we said let them!

    As bullying, bad support practices and very difficult resolution mechanisms became more obvious to the community, players continued to abandon MW for other games or, quit altogether. Zynga reacted by concocting alternate revenue streams such as “in game” advertising interaction in exchange for RP’s. They also tried store bought cards with the 7-11 franchise brand of convenience stores and , even  a sampling group (and apparently a 2.0 version as well. Due most likely to the many issues with the first one),  to better determine the trends of the MW community.

    Their latest attempt to get some more capital ($) traction as a game department, Zynga MW has unveiled their V.I.P. membership program which offers all the benefits outlined in the section below (Zynga Blog) for the rather inflated price (for the times anyway) of $24. 97 per month . I say inflated because what you are really paying for is a better statistical advantage inside a machine. Zynga spends no more money after programming you in. Yes, they have other costs but, let’s be honest, one of the reasons old school players hate to pay for MW advantages is because they have still to earn our loyalty as a company. We love the game but, the MW dept has been responsible for a lot of what has been wrong with the game and, the disconnected feeling that still lingers between regular players and the company (service & support) side.

    The 3 second limitations for processing clicks have not been met by improvements in the system but, with warnings of suspensions that are not even case specific. So, it is not hard to imagine that their “in house” philosophy has a definitive slant for higher profit through further merchandising rather than by game improvement. And, that being the case, will the advantages the software can cheaply offer to paying customers finally tip the balance for very  regular or  daily  free players and chase them off?

    Free players versus paid players? Free players built up the game and gave it its  status but, the company has to show profit. What do you think would be  fair? Leave us a comment at the bottom of this page.


    Yr Friend,


    Facebook Update from ALL FACEBOOK

    Now that the rollout of timeline for pages is complete, what’s the status of the migration of profiles to the advanced layout?

    Based on what we’ve seen from both Facebook friends and comments on our posts, the rollout of timeline on profilesappears to be occurring gradually, with no discernible pattern.

    Facebook would only say:

    We don’t have a time frame to share on when everyone will have timeline, but we’ll keep you posted.

    Could Facebook be keeping the rollout slow in order to monitor how its users are adapting to timeline? Or is the social network waiting until after its initial public offering to make a decision one way or the other?

    For the rest of the story please see:



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    These pages are dedicated to our preparations to welcome our troops back home. Our officially adopted song is “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” and, we are preparing a series of events to do just that.
    Artist registration for the April 21st event at El Barrio Gallery in Miami “Art Night For Heroes”  ( ) a blend of decades to gather funds and participants in our Convoy Parade welcoming Homecoming Troops (scheduled tentatively for late May).The Convoy Parade initiative in May is also hoping to generate awareness and opportunity for vet workshops on FB marketing, setting up web businesses, web resource mining etc, etc. All geared to help encourage the hiring of veterans in areas where their peripheral military training would be an asset to employee, employer and , community.

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    Mafia Wars Hot Tips & Add Me Group

    We lost quite a few members during the group transitions forced by FB, however, our current count still puts us at 14,000 members (personal; page included). In the next few weeks, we will be closing the smaller pages and try to merge as many people as possible into our Central Station Page.


    MW VIP Membership Plan


    VIP Membership Plan is now available in the Marketplace. Why should you enroll? I am glad you asked!

    Here are the benefits for subscribing to the VIP Membership Plan.

    • Weekly delivery of 50 Reward Points and exclusive limited edition loot.
    • At least one Skill Point reallocation can be purchased anytime daily
    • Extra VIP loot drops from doing jobs, fighting, and robbing
    • Bonus +50 Skill Points the first time you sign up. Hurry this is for LIMITED TIME ONLY.

    We are gradually rolling out this feature so many of you may not be able to view it at the moment. If you can, then join now to enjoy these exclusive benefits!!

    Help us make better Mafia Wars features and events by completing this very quick survey to let us know what you think of this one.

    To learn more, read the FAQs here.

    -The Mafia Wars Team


    Stay updated on Local and National emergencies



    Scott Welliver:

    Scrappy Editor at Large

    Scott has been a part of The Daily Post for about a year and a half and, he has been as loyal to the cause as his hilarious creation , Da Scrappy Chihuahua is loyal to his crew.

    Don’t miss any of this funny and, at times heartwarming episodes of this tiny champion with a mighty heart!

    We’re taking your input seriously. Let us know which of the four famous monster stories you’d like to hear Da Scrappy Chihuahua Podcast spoof.

    Hear all of our audio podcasts at The Podcast Machine including our latest Scrappisode XV: Beanies, Bombs & Birds Begone!

    Don’t forget our full length feature video comic on YouTube. Our very first shot at this is of audio podcast XIV: Weenies, Beanies, & Other Family Ties. Scrappy gets to work back home, Granite furnishes Ace his Wonder Weenie outfit, we get to meet Scrappy’s mama and also a friend of the family. A CAT!!


    • Jennifer Patterson

      Jennifer Patterson
      Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large


      • Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.
      • The bonus links for the day are below. The Mafia Wars Fan Blast point is good for the entire day. The Email Bonus and 3 Free Spins can be used once every 24 hours. The Toolbar bonus link will work once every 8 hours if you have allowed the Zynga Game Bar application access to your account information….

        Source: MW Loot Lady

    The next Limited Edition loot item is now available in the Marketplace. The Fuchsia costs 35 rewrad points, has stats of 172/99 and is “A sweet ride…far from ho-hum.”. It looks like a pimp mobile so the description may not be accurate. Read more »

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • The Stranger’s Swag is now offering 5 more Three Point 11’s which have stats of 111/72. Read more »

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • The 19th New York property is the Demolition Lab and is now available for upgrading. We knew it was coming, not only because Zynga can’t seem to get enough of these despite player feedback but because server images and loot items were discovered earlier in the week [1]. Read more »

    Source: MW Loot Lady


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  1. I was about to join the Mafia Wars VIp when it was 14.00 but about the time it was raised to 25.00 I said NOPE. If the support for the game and the feedback was there it may be ok but, I am about to quit alltogether and I been playing for 3 years Bill.

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