THE DAILY POST March 26th-31st 2012


Hi Gang!

By: Bill Lara, EiC

This week we again bring you some of the best sources on playing MW and other games. Please make sure you like our HQ page at :

We will be concentrating all our resources and pages through that one central  gateway. There, you will soon be able to join our group pages or, read our newsletters, video chat, etc, etc.

Oh, and also make sure you pass this link along to any one you may think may benefit from the information withtin. To send us your quar=tions, just visit our HQ page! 🙂


Thank A Soldier
Posted by Dave Murphy (cause founder)

Does anyone read these posts anymore?

Is this thing on? Lets see who reads our posts!See more



Scott Welliver:

Scrappy Editor at Large

Scott has been a part of The Daily Post for about a year and a half and, he has been as loyal to the cause as his hilarious creation , Da Scrappy Chihuahua is loyal to his crew.

Don’t miss any of this funny and, at times heartwarming episodes of this tiny champion with a mighty heart!

Da Scrappy Chihuahua Podcast Fan Page

Scrappisode XV: “Beanies, Bombs, & Birds Begons” is here! Share it iffa ya diggit! It’s available at our Podcast Machine site.

Michael Balk – Narrator/Granite; Cilla Albee – Sash/Lola; Happy Wyatt – Clementine; Joe Lyons – Ace; Phil Petty – Pepper/Spammy Z.; Mackenzie Albee – Carlotta; Scott Welliver – Scrappy


  • Jennifer Patterson

    Jennifer Patterson
    Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large

      Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.

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