The Daily Post – MW Journal for March 19th-26th 2012

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Gambling, Gaming?



Well guys Mafia Wars continues to evolve into what appears to be a  quest for more way to get you to spend those RP’s as fast as you can. I am sure many of you have already figured out how much each tier will now cost you in items you must produce extensively or, buy. And, of course you already know how expensive it is to fight in most cities. Still, so as long as MW continues to offer you a way to get trough the game with

out spending your money stash in reward points to keep up with their pace, you still have a chance to keep most of your money (LOL).

Players who use scripts (nobody is judging we aim to inform on ALL topics our community discusses) have to be particularly careful of certain benign but repeating scripts. For example, the great Spock time saver and robbery insurance “Property Collector”, will periodically (every eight hours is the MW re-set default) collect from Chicago and if your distillery is up, you will have a sudden jump in health.  if you are not yet savvy enough you may be continuously cursing Zynga for your own lack of awareness.  There are other important things to remember if you do use scripts. First, is that there are only 2 ways of using these things. You either use them carefully or, you abuse them (and other players as well, by strict definition!). If you use them well, you need to make sure you make full use of your filters so that misunderstandings do not arise between friends or, strangers that could have become valued friend or, allies.

The moral of this blurb (if any)is to make sure you know your tools and, use them properly. Just remember, any kind of use is still against the Zynga FB TOS so, better safe than sorry. But, if you are as daring as most or, your need to protect yourself is really serious, do things right and use your tools responsibly!


A note on MW interpretations of game spirit

It is always important to remember that this is a game that feeds on you playing a bit of a role. Taking to the Mafiosi spirit of mafia Wars is most likely the intended way to enjoy it  but, absolutely not the only one. A great many of my dear friends play MW more like they were playing Dungeons and Dragons (I was actually just reminded of these over the weekend while observing a war between two groups I happen to like very much). I like these guys precisely because they love the game enough to take it to the limit and, because they manage (time after time) to leave their game “enemies” in the game. They are all very successful gamers and are can indulge in some very  hearty trash talking session that would put sailors to task. And though after, they may rummest some deep under-breadth curse against the perceived victor of a fight , battle or full out war, they always, always move one.

Mafia Wars Honor

They may be electronic warriors but all these friends of mine that so enhance the game are true sports men and, women. The conflict I mentioned is a good example of two completely different interpretations of the game that centered on one basically identical element. Many of us have seen this scenario countless times. One person gets attacked/robbed  or addressed in a manner or by someone they are particularly sensitive to. Most commonly we call these things that really irritate us “triggers” (how proper  name for our game, don’t you think?).

And, these “triggers” don’t have to be very big items. something as seemingly insignificant as someone’s dry writing tone (every body’s writing gives off an impression beyond the meaning it implies by it’s wording. context, choice of verbs and,or  adjectives) which can have a huge impact in our tiny attention span window peering into the lightning fast web.

The two opposing “teams” I made reference two had a relatively small incident happen between two players in  groups that had a little (very little but , just enough to notice) history between them.

Both players and groups are well known and, they have always been amazing to me personally and, to  others that I have witnessed them help. And, both groups really , really care about their members. They are indeed like small cyber families in many more ways than just playing the game.

In fact, that is that reason I first dared to go stick my long and pointy nose into something that was clearly none of my business. However, and  as I really should have  had every reason to expect, both friends were nothing but wonderful and warm to my  attempt to intervene. And, though we were close there for a moment, in the end their sense of Honor (I use a cap here because they deserve it) was so deep on both sides that they felt they had no choice but to go to war.

And, that is what this piece is really about. It is not about their private differences. It is only about the chance I had to witness a group that sees MW as it was probably envisioned originally whereas the other “team” views MW more like the original spirit of the actual Mafia (very much like in tune with the personalities defined in the old D&D Gary Gigax manuals [if you don’t know  who that was, Google it 🙂 ] of Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil).  And, it was fascinating how they both operated by pretty much the same rules but, resented the other team for the very things they were or, were not doing to each other. One side wanted to be play as Lawful good while the other wanted to play as Chaotic Good. Now, a good bunch of you would almost instinctively support the one tagged at (Lawful Good” but, if you really think about it, MW  is more likely meant for the Chaotic Good Character. In other words the uninitiated can understand, in MW it pays to have no limitations  (Chaotic) but, it also pays to be loyal to your own (Good). However, you can play the game with restrictions on what you will not respond to or, be offended by you would be “Lawful”, regardless of the rules, so as long as you stick to them as a code. The ultimate battle of Ninja vs. Samurai philosophies applied to this urban street warfare game.

In the end, there will always be a lot more than one. No matter how many times you Ice a foe, the foe will again rise from the dead. So, get used to the idea that we live in Road runner cartoon and, that at the end of the day the Road runner, the Sheep Dog and the Coyote all stamp their hour card and go out for a beer. Just to come back tomorrow to try and drop a 10,000 lbs anvil on each other courtesy of the only winner, the Acme/Zynga corporation.  LMAOOOO!!!


Zynga Slingo

More Zynga games

Well , if you were wondering why all that push to bring poker into Mafia Wars, well here is part of your answer. The obvious one is that Zynga had been gearing for this new evolution of it’s original Poker game and, final put out this cross bred… monstrosity?  Well, the jury is still out on this one but, one thing is for sure, gambling is a strong loyalty device and Zynag has no problems deploying it’s hooks all over. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going on a prohibitionist booze, betting and , Betty  rant. In fact I am the guy with the deck of cards in his pocket , a Jack in the Rocks Chairman special (here’s to ol’ blue eyes)  and two of the latter side by side (yes , I am a greedy bastard).

I am just pointing out a pretty tried and true device (scratch off tickets actually fall in this general category). This method of “gaming ” is called “sweepstakes gaming” and it can legally pay  up to $4,999.oo when played for money, without having to deal with the agriculture Dept as a gambling enterprise. The general idea is that very much like when you buy a sweepstakes (scratch off lottery ticket,  the prize is already there  and can not be changed. Of course there are many variations by state (and that includes prize limits, Florida just put up a $20 scratch off that boast a prize of  up to 3 million dollars)  and, though the web is not a stranger to this form of “gaming”, it’s integration to other games does beg that the whole principle of gaming vs. gambling be re-examined.

What do you think?  Drop us a line and let us know so  we can feature your thoughts on our next issue. Also, check our new “Central Station” at :


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    Jennifer Patterson
    Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large

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    There following was posted on the Zynga forums by AngelFiona, who is one of the new Community Managers [1]. The same message can also be found on the Official Mafia Wars Blog [1]. To learn more about the new Mafia Wars Team, go here. The Mafia Wars VIP Program Hello Mobsters,  The Mafia Wars team is constantly working on introducing new features in the game as well fixing existing performance issues that have been…

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • There following was posted on the Zynga forums by AngelFiona, who is one of the new Community Managers [1]. To learn more about the new Mafia Wars Team, go here. The Mafia Wars VIP Program Hello Mobsters,  The Mafia Wars team is constantly working on introducing new features in the game as well fixing existing performance issues that have been reported by the community to enhance the overall game-play experience….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • There following was posted on the Zynga forums by AngelFiona, who is one of the new Community Managers [1]. To learn more about the new Mafia Wars Team, go here. The Mafia Wars VIP ProgramHello Mobsters,  The Mafia Wars team is constantly working on introducing new features in the game as well fixing existing performance issues that have been reported by the community to enhance the overall game-play experience….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • The third and final London Caption Contest is now active on the Mafia Wars forums. The image that needs a caption is shown below. For your chance to win 100 reward points, go here and submit your entry by 11:50pm PST on March 21st. The image in need of a caption is shown below. Read more »

    Source: MW Loot Lady



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