By Bill Lara


Mafia Wars has always been a place where confrontations ad trash talk have always been the order of the day. But, I must say that as time has passed and,  the game the people we get to mingle with while playing the game change with it. I guess it takes being around for a while to really begin relizing that , in the end the game is just that, only a game.

I find that extremely refreshing. Just recently I had a small misunderstanding that led to a little trash talking but, as soon as both parties had a couple of hour to cool off, both of us were ready to talk lik e the reasonable adults we otherwise are away from the  “killing fields”. I have never felt better about the game and the people in it.

My dear, dear friends (Special thanks to Sasha, Scrappy,Lana and the rest of the gang. You are my favorite crime fighting pooches of all time!) jumped to defend me at the first hint of an issue and, of course that is always heartwarming. But, the best part was being able to connect and eventually friend the other player. I will not specifically name him because at the time of this writing, I had not asked his permission to do so but, I had to take the opportunity to thank him for his good nature and honorable behavior so, thank you again Greg, you are indeed a gentleman and, I am very, very happy to have made your acquaintance.  It is folks like you that make the difference for us all, in how we perceive and enjoy Mafia Wars.

Ok faithful readers, this week i have streamlined the post a little bit more so as to save you so many details. Please remember to send in you comment, ssuggestions and ideas directly to me or, as comments on this blog. I will try to get around to them in the same order as they come in. So, with out further, here is this week’s issue for your enjoyment.



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Family Boss Fight: Lily O'Valley

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Jennifer Patterson
Jennifer Patterson, Editor at large

    Jennifer Patterson is best known for her work as MWLOOTLADY for the past three years +. Her advice is clear , to the point and filled with game insights and really good information. She has been a contributor and Editor at Large at The Daily Post for the past two +years.

    • *************

      Many server images related to London have been discovered by players in the community. I have them splashed over several posts so I’m putting them all together and will update this post as more are found.  Thanks goes to Abhinav Gandhi, TOKO, Leonard Wong, Mark Allan, Stephen Voss, Gabriel Perez, Sravan Kumar, Eric Trotman, an anonymous commenter and anyone I may not have known about.  If you want to look for…

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • Three more London Loot items were discovered by Stephen Voss, Gabriel Perez, Sravan Kumar, Eric Trotman and an anonymous commenter in the servers and posted on our fan page. The total number of London Loot items discovered by the community is now 17. The number of properties found is 3….

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • The next repeat item of The Stranger’s Swag is the Solar Glide Drone. We’ve already had this two times! Once during Don’s Gift and once when The Stranger’s Swag first started [1], [2]. It was boring then and it’s still boring. Can’t they come up with better loot? Don’t bother reading more, the image below sums up how most of us feel about this feature. Read more »

      Source: MW Loot Lady
    • The bonus links for the day are below. Use the Checklist by Team Spockholm to get the 8 hour toolbar bonuses. If your toolbar bonus isn’t working, go here.  Feel free to share these links. If you are having trouble copying them so they are in hyperlink format, go here….

      Source: MW Loot Lady
      Published: 2012-03-11 08:07:48 GMT
      For much, much more please go to  Jennifer’s blog page at:




Scott Welliver:

Scrappy Editor at Large

Scott has been a part of The Daily Post for about a year and a half and, he has been as loyal to the cause as his hilarious creation , Da Scrappy Chihuahua is loyal to his crew.

Don’t miss any of this funny and, at times heartwarming episodes of this tiny champion with a mighty heart!

Da Scrappy Chihuahua Podcast Fan Page

This Friday evening, March 16, 2012, Da very first Da Scrappy Chihuahua Video Comic will debut on YouTube. It’s an experiment we decided to try out. We’d love to know your thoughts. Please drop by our Fan Page, “Like” us and let us know if we get a thumb-claw up or a thumb-claw down.


The first Video will be from Audio Podcast XIV “Weenies, Beanies, & Other Family Ties” available for listening or download at Podcast Machine.



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Zynga Logo

Big Screen, Big Fun – Hanging With Friends HD and Dream Heights HD Now Optimized for the iPad

Submitted by Zynga on Thu, 03/08/2012 – 10:04

Good news Zynga players, two of your favorite games are now available on “the large screen” for even bigger fun! Zynga announces the availability of Hanging With Friends and Dream Heights is now optimized in a special HD version for the iPad. So now it’s time to ‘hang’ out, and play with your friends to build really tall buildings and plunge into lava – all on the big screen.

A Platform for Play

Submitted by Mark Pincus on Thu, 03/01/2012 – 10:27

Today, we’re proud to share a new platform for play. The Zynga Platform is designed with two simple goals: more access to the best social games and more people to play with.

Zynga.com: Your New Destination for Play – Coming Soon

Submitted by Zynga on Thu, 03/01/2012 – 10:19

Remember that mysterious “play service” we announced in October as Project Z? Well get your smiles ready, because we’re about to show you something we’ve been cooking up for a while.

Betcha Can’t Play Just Once

Submitted by Zynga on Thu, 03/01/2012 – 06:05

We like our snacks like our games: Fun, Social (Eating With Friends), Accessible, and Mobile.

Zynga Slings Classic Favorite into Social Gaming with Zynga Slingo

Submitted by Zynga on Wed, 02/15/2012 – 10:32

Valentine’s Day might have been yesterday, but love is still in the air here at Zynga. It all started when Zynga met Slingoand Zynga Slingo was born!

The Power of Play at Zynga

Submitted by Zynga on Wed, 02/15/2012 – 09:30

Did you know that underneath your favorite Zynga games such as Words With FriendsCityVille and FarmVille is some serious tech? We’re talking one of the world’s largest uses of cloud computing and enough data processed to store 10x the amount of movies in Netflix in HD. Heck, we help players deliver more gifts than Santa. Check out some of these tech-defying stats in our first ever techno-graphic. That’s technology + infographic. See what we did there?

Dream Zoo Comes to Android Market

Submitted by Zynga on Wed, 02/15/2012 – 09:00

It’s a dream come true for Android users – Dream Zoo is now available to download in the Android Market, giving even more players the opportunity to take a walk on the wild side.  Zynga’s first zoo themed game and the first in its ‘Dream’ series of mobile social games, Dream Zoo will now be available cross-platform, giving players on Android and iOS devices the ability to connect with more friends and widen their community of fellow zookeepers.

Words With Friends Players Get Flirty and Wordy with Valentine’s Day Poll

Submitted by Zynga on Tue, 02/14/2012 – 05:00

While ‘triple word score,’ tiles and romance might not go hand-in-hand, Words With Friends’ players say differently. In just three days, over 100,000 players were polled in game – showcasing the sheer mass of Words With Friends. In our favorite game of crossword combat, word warriors were surveyed in Zynga’s first wide-scale poll about dating, doting and even cheating. 44% of players surveyed claimed they have gone for more than just the gold in Words With Friends, and flirted with another player in-game. Other interesting statistics include:


For even more information on Zynga games:


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    • Thank you for your comments Chuck! FB IS a real pain when it comes to their account suspensions but, they usually do return them. However, it can take a long time. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help.

      Yr Friend,

      • Thank You for Your Kind Response Bill ! With Class as Always ! Doubt You can Help Me With This , But I Appreciate Your Acknowledgement Of My Deli ma ! The Only thing I Can Do For Now Is Hope Someone With The Knowledge Of How To Resolve This , Catches Wind Of It , Otherwise I’ll Be On The Sideline For Now ! I Hope Ya’ll Enjoy Twice as Much Playing Mafia Wars ! Once For You , And Once For Me ! Friends Always ! ~ChuckQuinjr(Leeroyman)~ , or ~Charles Nicholas Quin~ …! Take Your Pic ! I Am Incorporated as Chuck Quin llc . , but according to Facebook , I’m not ~Chuck~ …! I’m not incorporated as LEEROYMAN , but at this stage in the Game , What Does It Matter ?…….. I’ll Figure This Out One Day , I’m Sure ! Peace Out , Bro ! ~Chuck~

  1. I have missed your post ! Wonder if Mr. Facebook will ever let me have my account back ! I doubt it ! Their to Big now to care about individuals that wasted 3 years on their website ! It must be nice , to be so rich , you can ignore your good customers , too ! Well , I have a feeling , people will come to realize Facebook cares less about individuals ! Wish I was wrong , but I’m not ! It’s been over a month now I have tried to regain my account , with no positive responses from Facebook @ all ! I call it Cyber Rape ! Anyway , glad to see you up , and running again , Bill ! ~ Chuck Quinjr (Leeroyman) ~ or~ Charles Nicholas Quin ~…! Peace Out , Bro !

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