The Daily Post Monday Feb/26/2012


Well my dear mafiosi, it has been quite a while since I last had the pleasure to send out The Daily Post. Work and multiple project had to take priority until the time (and frustration with Zynga) were manageable again. In poutr absence several changes have taken place both in game play and, in the facebook basics. I won’t try top cover everything in one shot but, I will at least point you to credible sources so you may choose to get a little more infop on those changes that most intrigue t=you (or annoy you). As always, it is our great pleasure (and Honopr) to help anyone that asks. We are a completely volunteer operation and, our best solutions come from our readers so, we really really appreciate tyour comment , concerns and honest opinions. Good or, bad let’s us know.

Our guiding principle is to try angd point you in the best direction we know, to solve whatever issue you are going through with the game  specifically or, with your social network at large.

Whenever possible, we will do our own research on general subjects but, until we build up a new batch of contributors and volunteers, we’ll do the best we can with the resources available. One of the first hurdles is going to be letting people know we are back so please, if you think someone on your frinds list or, group would benefit from someo these insight, send them our link.

Ok, now to today’s meat. Here is the items we’ll cover on this new issue:

Timeline and,  ways to more (or less)deal with it if you want to go back to the old look

Basic MW Gaming Strategies

Community Poll: Why does FB allow friend suggestions just to challenge you  with a warning on whether you know the person? Isn’t that the point of an introduction  to beging with?


Please be sure to let us know what specific ares you would like meore info on and, we will try and look intro it in future issues.  Issues which, for now,  we’ll keep it for once a week published every Monday.

I really hope you find this helpful!

Cheers 🙂 ,

Yr Friend Bill;)


Timeline and,  ways to more (or less)

deal with it if you want to go back to the old look

This is a particularly current issue among MW players as indicate by the unusual number of reported limitations when posting directly from the game. However, it is the FB general population have shown the most contempt for the new system.

Solution #1:  Chrome extension

This is the simple solution . However, the range of access

to the  code engine is very limited so, some users may not be able to make it work if there is software conflict with another app you may be running. Of course, you could always disable the other app. So, I suggest you take a look at it only if you are not very comfortable with coding  (the next link does just that and, it is not “techie” as it sounds. 

“Social Fixer for Facebook” (formerly known as Better Facebook) is a free browser extension that improves the Facebook site by eliminating annoyances and adding lots of great enhancements and functionality. It runs in most browsers and installs in just a minute.


Solution #2:  Simple Specific instructions to deal with this issue at the code level on the most popular browser (not too technical)

How to Set User Agent to Internet Explorer 7 in Firefox

This Guide is for the more technically savvy. It is not however, very complicated and the instructions go step by step for every browser


Solution #3: This was featured on our favorite  (and most franlk and prolific) MW blog around, of course we are referring to tThe MWLOOTLAY”S Blog ( so, you can thank her for this gem. Beware thought that it has it’s glitches on some browsers! 🙂

If the new timeline still bugs you: Jennifer Patterson (MWLOOTLADY) recently discovered a tool for the removal of the timeline feature. 
It is limited and it works only on the computer you install it and, then again, only folks using the software can see the old page. But, it does make thngs a bit easier for you.


Basic MW gaming strategies

Well, with the increased use of bots and reliance on timers for the energy and stamina loots from Chicago and Brazil have definitely changed some aspects of the game. Bots and other scripts (extensions are scripts)  are nothing new to the game and, in fact can be a great help for repetitive or even defensive tasks. They can be abused and sadly, this has contributed to give them the bad rep The big Z has always seemed so “iffy” about.

Don’t get me wrong, the scripts are not allowed by the T.O.S. (Terms Of Service) you agreed to in order to play MW. However, so many players use them that they have just become an accepted reality of the game (and, a logistic nightmare to track and catalog offending users).

On the other hand , it is also true that  given the propensity of high level players to abuse lower levels with these  “ubber” accounts, well used bookmarklets can be of great value. And, that without becoming an abusive player, you can aggressively return fire to at least leave your massive  or, multiple attackers with a real bad taste in their mouths.

Before we go any further ,we need to define a couple of things. Mafia Wars is a game of aggression and force. The idea here has always been to bring your chosen opponents to absolute submission. Some players play it as a game of strategy, some as single person “shooter”. Others, go for pseudo military organizations and yet there are also the eclectic ones that gather as mercenaries, bully hunters etc,etc.

The point is that ther re many different ways to play the game (rough or soft) and, they are all valid so as long as you don’t complain about the consequences of your choices. Fair enough… right?

We’ll not always if the attacker or target is not yet developed an emotional distance from his or her character. We at TDP are always pushing the envelop with the games and the rules to get the most experience we can, in all aspect of the game. And, we are constantly fascinated by the extremes between personalities in the player crowd. Thought at times it can feel like you are trapped in a very large high school, the fact is that there also great bonds made and, much honor between a great number of users.

Tactic one: The “bare bones” player…

Time your recurring stamina/energy boosts by which ever method is more comfortable for you  to spread out along the day. Do not open all the gifts that may contain stamina/energy boosts all at onec. Remember that there is always a last chance possibility you will find just the right boost when you most need it.

If under heavy attack, aim at one target and attack until you drive yourself under 20. At least this way, no one will have the satisfaction of having “iced ” you (LOL!) and, you will have some time to prepare for your next move. Then, plan your next target and get to his profile link ready to attack. First however and, before you regenerate yourself,  place  your target on the hit list. This will tell you if the target is even alive before put your neck on the chopping block just to then have to rush to find another target while you are still able too.

Or, if the abuser is just too big with fast repeated attacks place your target on the hit list then(possible sign of a script).  Just make sure you will have enough money left over out of the bank after healing, to pay for the hit. Of course, if you are playing this like a true strategist, you will patiently wait to hit 20, pace your self (the system will not allow you to place the hit until it’s inner timer does not go over the halfway mark to the next point). but, have a second target ready so that you can steal some more time under twenty until the original attacker tires of waiting or, you have had a chance to go back for any boosts or gifts from your reserve (timed bonuses/boosts or, as gifts pending to open)

Tactic Two: The basic script player

The most reliable scripts either come from or can be located at Spock’s site at : These scripts allow most all functions available for those who take the risk willingly. Mafia wars Add On is also very reliable but, a bit more sophisticated ( than the Assassinator script.  MWAP (Mafia Wars Auto player is still “glitchy” and. repeating pop us that block its actions while suggesting you to upgrade to the paid version

Here, the basic concept for this kind of player is almost identical to the instructions for the bare bones player with one particular difference. This player can remain “under” for extended periods of time by using items like “Assassinator” or Battlefield.

The idea here is to accumulate enough energy/ stamina  boosts and, time them to the moment you decide to collect properties in Chicago or Brazil  (8 hour gap for most players  thought,higher “red tag” family stats give bonuses that reduce the wait time to 6 hours). However, you do not have to collect until you feel like it and, you can still bank the cities without penalty. Yes, you are vulnerable to theft for the duration but good timing should minimize opportunity. At ant rate, that is part of the potential consequence(s) mentioned earlier.

However, the point of this player tactic is to remain under twenty for as long as possible as stamina and health get to their peak and, all preparations have been made for a “stamina run” (designed to the the player back to  under 20 as fast as possible).

However, if you either lay traps to gather more attackers worthy of retaliation during your stamina runs or, just accumulate sadistic attackers (the kind of attacker has to ice you several times in a row with out apparent reason)  due to a play lapse due to internet, computer or software errors then, you probably want to start an  extended stamina run .

For example (and this pretty much works for both types of players):

First , time your next regular energy /stamina packs with when your health/stamina properties are ready to be collected. Then, use your energy to get you within stamina reach of your next level. this way you will eventual;ly be able to time it so that you level  and gain you refills in the middle of battle. the problem of course, is that you must have a second window ready with your target. Remember thought that the more windows are doing something, the longer things will take to do. You may even “hang” (temporarily freeze the computer) the computer… BTW, neither Zynga nor FB really like that you have multiple window open on their pages either (that pesky T.O.S.).

Then you will still have your stamina pack or the super health boost  ready. from there, it should be up to you to determine which sequence works best for you.


This week’s poll:

Why does FB allow friend suggestions just to challenge you  with a warning on whether you know the person? Isn’t that the point of an introduction  to beging with?


What Kinds of Issue Would You Like to Share or, See If  

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