The Daily Post MW Journal June 21-23



Weekender~June 21-23th


If you are in the Miami area and would like to join a few of us for a little directed gaming at a local watering hole please, message us at the post for details on how to register! 


Please like us on fb at our new Central Station:


And, please do check ou our external page. There you can play MW and even Atlantic City away from FB while using our private chat room to organize your raiding parties. You will also find some other games and, our most current issues.


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Hi Gang, well the meetup is amost here so I hope you are all but ready to get your Mafia thing on. Make sure you post your photos and send in your anecdotes. And remember, one of you may be hosting some Zynga visitors at your meetup!
This weekend we will be posting our last inbox message to readership on our old pages. After that the only way to get deliveries directly to your inbox will be by either registering at our external page or, by tweaking you page settings to get them delivered.
So, go find that Raven and, make sure you keep yourself in the loop!
Your friends at The Daily Post…

U.C. of Mafia Wars ~ Hosting Family {TUT}

Mission Statement

The United Clans of Mafia Wars or also known as United Nations of Mafia Wars Clans, is a group of dedicated Mafia Wars Players who are the General Assembly. Comprised of God Parents to War Commanders to skilled Mediators, mixed with Ambassadors (Language Specialists). Who come together for the common good of a resolution between two specific clans/families that came to us for assistance so that they can go back to regular game playing. All Clans of the GA (General Assembly) are from various backgrounds with skills to bring a strong sense of integrity and transparency to all joint actions or resolutions. Our greoup is not in any way affiliated to Zynga nor the Player Advisory Committee and, concerns itself only with the relationship and communication between Clans and player groups in Mafia Wars. To find out more, please visit our page at


As we continue to evolve we ask that you feel free to suggest any ideas you may have to better communicate and resolve issues between groups. Also, let us know what other kinds of mediations between individuals we should specifically look into.

Honor & Respect to One and All



Keeping You Informed of Real Danger



New Boss Fight Combinations

Well “The Raven” Boss fight came out a little early for some, so we got the combos already! It’s supposed to be out for everyone tomorrow.

1-Knife Slash -> Bloody Knuckles -> Shotgun Blast -> Crack of the Bat

2-Bloody Knuckles -> Bloody Knuckles -> Crack of the Bat -> Shotgun Blast

3-Knife Slash -> Shotgun Blast -> Shotgun Blast -> Crack of the Bat

Download the toolbar and get more ICES!


    • Assassin Boss Fights – How They Work

      Assassin Boss Fight: The Raven

      We would like to apologize for the confusion surrounding the recent Assassin boss fight. There was a failure on our part to message enough of the details surrounding this more complex Mafia Wars character/event.

      We wanted to introduce a transient boss – a boss who was elusive and not always around – and the Assassin embodied the concept perfectly. Assassins sneak around in the shadows, their soon-to-be victim completely unaware of their presence. And then, suddenly, the Assassin strikes, takes out his target, and returns to the darkness just as quickly as he came. We wanted to capture that exciting idea and we believe that we did, but we also failed to adequately explain how an Assassin boss fight works. For that, we are sorry.

      How Assassin Boss Fights Work

      When an Assassin is around, you can only catch a glimpse of them while you are fighting. The more you ice other players in fights, the greater your chances are of encountering the Assassin. Once you are presented with the opportunity to take one on in a fight, you will have just eight hours to beat the Assassin by using Ammos, which drop from jobs, fights, robbing, and gifting. Lastly – and here’s some important new information – other bosses scare Assassins away. This means you can be sure that you will not encounter an Assassin whenever another boss is in town.

      We think the Assassin boss is an exciting new character in Mafia Wars, but we want to know how you feel about the feature. Let us know what you think of Assassin boss fights by completing this survey. Thank you for your feedback!

      For even more details about the assassin boss fight, check out this support doc and this FAQ.

    • Mission: Blood Money
      An old friend of Thomas Chou contacted us begging for help. Apparently, his family was attacked and his son was killed. Let’s right this wrong. Avenge the murder of Thomas’ friend’s son in Mission: Blood Money!

      New Lucky Stash (Slots Bonus Wheel) Loot!
      Spin the reel of your Lucky Stash slot machine for a chance at some new rare loot, including the Gungnir, Charged Cards, Libran Justice, Loki’s Helmet, Flat Rod, Aquarius, Chance, Bactrian Camel, Chuck, & Slayer Whale!

    • Why You Should Be In A Mafia Wars Family

      Family Module 620x121

      The only thing stronger than a Mafia Wars mobster is an entire mafia family, so we recently built tools to help you join or start one within the game! The new Family Module was created in response to popular demand and will continue to evolve based on player feedback. If you’re not currently a member of a family, read on to learn a bit about what it means to be one. If you’re ready to join or start a family, our earlier blog post explains how to use the new Family Module.

      Why Be In A Mafia Wars Family?

      There are many reasons to participate as a member in a Mafia Wars family. Families are made up of active players who have pledged to offer protection, help, and advice to their fellow family members. If you yearn for more collaboration, communication, and camaraderie than your mafia currently provides, you’re likely to find it in a family! And if your current mafia already feels that tightly-nit and dedicated, forming a family together is an excellent way to publicly announce your alliance and allegiance with pride! In either case, family members will benefit from exciting family-based features and events we plan to release in the future, so now’s the best time to become a member of a family!

      Long before we released the new Family Module, many of our most dedicated players created or joined families organized outside of the game as a way to enhance their Mafia Wars experience. We’ve created the new Families feature to enrich every player’s experience in a similar way, and we asked some original Mafia Wars family members to share the ways in which being in a family enhances their game experience. Here’s what they had to say:

      • “I joined a mafia family because it’s a great way to enjoy the game, because you can help family that is lower than you and get help from family that’s higher. Also a great way to learn the strategy of the game. It’s a good way to get some really great friends and that is what it’s all about. Plain and simple it’s a lot more fun when [you] got a terrific family like mine.” – Peter, member of Thor
      • “For me it’s about the ties we make with one another. We grow as a family…” – Eric, member of Thor/Delirium
      • “For most people who ‘start out’ in the game, finding a clan or group is for protection, tutoring, building up their stats and experience while making great friends. For those who are already seasoned in the game, there are many varied reasons. Are they a fighter? Jobber? Casual player or intense? Then based on what type of player they are, they might seek entrance into a clan based on their style of play.” – Lara, member of Retribution
      • “When you pick the right family, you gain new friendships, support and interaction that gives Mafia Wars added depth.” – Bobby, member of Skulz
      • “The clan setting is more than gamers uniting, it is a feeling of family amongst members. It takes the game to another level that adds emotion and lifetime friendships and true caring for others. It creates bonds and pride amongst clan members and unites them under that tag, and if need be to defend the honor of that against others… I personally love my clan and its members and have a wonderful time within the game and outside of those parameters as well.” – Charmian, member of Thor/Delirium
      • “I have had the chance to meet new people from all over the globe and make friends I know I will have for a very long time… The interaction keeps me smiling a lot.” – Nick, member of Skulz
      • ” The wars, the friends, the networks, that is what makes the game fun… My clan I see day in and day out, we spend hours on voice chats, playing and laughing together. It’s not the game, it’s the people… Think of it this way… playing basketball on your own can waste hours and be fun shooting hoops, but playing the real game in a team… nothing better.” – Peta, member of AMEX

      As you can see, joining a family is an excellent way to get help in your quest to become the baddest mobster you can be AND forge some strong friendships in the process, proving that blood truly is thicker than water. We at Mafia Wars are VERY excited about the new Family Module and we hope that you will enjoy playing as mafia family members. Be sure to join or start your family today, because we have even more exciting family features coming soon!

      – The Mafia Wars Team







Dana Bufis
I don’t get a lot of chance to pimp or to tell you enough about the breeze blowin’ around here but this is what’s up! I started a Web Radio Station and if you like hard driving rock and roll then you will love monster rock Radio. You can listen right from Facebook and I would appreciate you support. Also we got some folks who need Mafia and I am happy to help as long as I can message you all.This is Monster Rock Radio:




what;s up with stealing my ice how does that happen?

Bill: Has anyone heard of this?




These discussions were ongoing at the  time of this posting:


Jennifer Patterson

By Jennifer Patterson, Editor at Large

  • Yesterday, I was wondering when more players were going to get the new Fight Module (1). We were told to expect a slow roll out but over 20 days seemed excessive. I will say that Zynga did listen to player feedback and made many improvements during the past 20 days. According to the Official Mafia Wars Blog post titled Icing Just Got Cooler, 90% of players received the new Fight Module last night. 6/20/2011…

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • The Feds have just located The Raven. He’s was spotted all over Cuba which is a safe haven from all those Mafia Wars players who are trying to kill him. It is expected he will be located and deported in 2 weeks unless he gets to Moscow before this can happen. Cerulean Master, Super Moderator, made the announcement today….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • The recent (most likely accidential) rollback of the new fight module gave me the opportunity to run some research about the acceptance of the module. In the last weeks I’ve heard complains about the new fight module from many people. Some just say it sucks, some say they’ve heard that it sucks and some just complain that Brawler is not working. I have it almost since it was released, so I had a lot…

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • There is another scam going around the news feeds and this one really pisses me off because they are using my blogs name. This is a hacker who is posting what look like the links that Mike posts on this Mafia Wars Loot Lady discussion thread for daily e-mail bonuses. I’ve seen two profile names so far and the hacker uses the same profile image. If you click on the link, nothing bad will…

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • Many players that had the new fight Module are reporting that they got rolled back to the old system. Cerulean Master, Super Moderator, replied to this forum thread and the team is now looking into it. The new Fight Module was rolled out on June 1st. It’s now June 20th and many still don’t have it….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • The Official Mafia Wars Blog made a post titled Why You Should Be In A Mafia Wars Family. It was a good read and answered the question that many have asked about the new Family Module…”What’s the point?”. I liked this post because real Mafia Wars players were quoted. Go to the link referenced about to check it out. Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia…

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • Zynga never fails to update the Lucky Stash Loot and we are now on the 7th generation of loot items that you can win from the bonus wheel. To get these new items, spin the Lucky Stash Slot Machine 20 times. You only get one credit towards the bonus wheel regardless if you use 1 Reward or 3….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • In addition to Tuesdays, Wednesdays  and Thursdays, Zynga is releasing things on Mondays too. They also launched the new Districts of Brazil on Friday. I really need a break and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up with them! This is probably why so many players are quitting….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • Team Spockholm has added name filters to the Assassin-a-Nator. Don’t bother looking for the “Geeky instructions” to create a Family ID because they have already written a script called the Family ID which will do it for you. Here are the instructions on using these filters. They have been added to my post on the Assassin-a-Nator which is still a work in progress (1)….
  • I was so excited to see all the posts on the Mafia Wars Fan Page about the Honey Badger. I know you all are sick of hearing about it but the Honey Badger is now available for purchase in the Marketplace. The video by Randall must have inspired Zynga and now we can buy a Honey Badger of our very own for 25 Reward Points….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • Get your free Skill Point from the Mafia Wars Fan Page. Article written by Jennifer Patterson, Creator of the MW Loot Lady Blog, The Mafia Wars Loot Lady Facebook Fan Page and Co-Host of The Informant Podcast. All material is protected by copyright law

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • There is a new list of registered Families in Mafia Wars. Zynga only lets us see one game page worth of Families but there are actually thousands more. Team Spockholm wrote a script to generate a complete list and the last run was done 7 days ago on June 12th….

    Source: MW Loot Lady
  • _____________________________________________________________

The Mafia Chat and Trade Group “MCTG”

Robert Slade Russell, Business Manager,

We are more than just a trade group. At the Mafia Chat and Trade Group we offer all our members lots of things to make your game play easier, Safer and Fairer. Please follow the link below for a list of some of the options we offer our members.


This blog is dedicated to all Mafia Wars players around the world.
Find all the strategies, tips & tricks, cheat, Add Me – Invite Me page, and update infos about the game!
Happy gaming!

Please help us to get unbanned on Facebook!
Follow this link for instructions


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